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Each week in-season one special Hawks fan is selected by the club to pull on the number one guernsey and help the team prepare for the upcoming game.

At the final training session for the week, the #1 Fan runs water on the oval amongst the players and coaches, in what can best be described as a football safari experience – seeing the players up close in their own environment taking part in drills and fine tuning their skills for the weekend’s game.

The #1 Fan also joins the huddle at the end of training for a pep talk from Senior Coach Alastair Clarkson and the players before joining in a group photo with the playing group and the opportunity to meet their favourite players on the ground.

Each #1 Fan receives their very own guernsey with the number one printed on the back to denote their special place in the side.

In 2011, Max Bailey presented his number one guernsey to Hawks fans at the Club’s annual Family Day, signifying the beginning of the #1 Fan program.

To apply for the position of #1 fan please email and tell us why you should be presented with the number one guernsey.

 Round 1

 Round 2

 Round 3

no1-r2.jpg no1-r3.jpg
Iggy Witchell   Charlie Sweet Courtney Bree 

 Round 4

 Round 5

Round 6



 Ripley McAteer Jason Ross  Madeline Lowe

 Round 7

 Round 8

 Round 9



Gary Saville  Tenique Holmes  Lewis Sipp 

 Round 10

 Round 11

 Round 12

 no1-R9.jpg Lincoln-Bruhn-Small.jpg Milly-Casement.jpg 
 Kate Lynch  Lincoln Bruhn Milly Casement 

Round 14

Round 15 

 Round 16


Baylee-Rollings-Small.jpg  Lesa-Schnitzhofer.jpg 
 Brett Smith Baylee Rollings  Lesa Schnitzhofer 

 Round 17

Round 18 

 Round 19

Aiden-Wenke.jpg  Damien-and-Roughy.jpg  Jaxon-Pitman.jpg 
 Aiden Wenke  Damien Guerini Jaxon Pitman 

Round 20

Round 21

Round 22


Thomas Tsiakmakis    Matt Kyle

Round 23



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