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In the mix: Round 11

Who's in the mix for our Round 11 clash with Melbourne at the MCG?

12:00pm  Jun 1, 2016

Footy Flashbacks: Round 11

Fun facts, interesting stats and plenty more in our Round 11 edition of Footy Flashbacks.

9:30am  Jun 1, 2016

AFL preview: Hawks v Demons's preview of Saturday's Round 11 clash between the Hawks and Demons at the MCG.

9:00am  Jun 1, 2016

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2:08pm  May 31, 2016

The Hawthorn Football Club Foundation has been set up to secure the long term future of the Club. It's not about yesterday, or today, it's about ensuring that there is a tomorrow, always

There are four pillars of the Hawthorn Football Club Foundation.

The Community
Our vision is to establish ourselves as a community leader through well-managed programs and partnerships. Our aim is to leverage, grow and engage schools, grass roots participation, multicultural and indigenous communities while also addressing relevant social and cultural issues

Our objective is to make a difference in the community and assist in growing, engaging and leveraging our community programs and partners.

The Past
Our vision is to create a world-class space for preservation of our heritage, key moments in time and heroes of our past.

The Present
In order to remain competitive in the current landscape, it is important not to fall behind in our present-day resource, facility and equipment requirements and to ensure the football department are given every opportunity to succeed.

The Future
Our vision is to not only stay ahead of the competition but become the benchmark for excellence, unity and success: the Destination club. To have the best of the best with regard to resources and facilities and to secure our home base, so generations to come can embody the same pride and passion in our Club as we enjoy today. This will involve funding a new development that will house training, playing and administration facilities that are world class while committing to a facility that will provide community inclusion, expansion and integration and fan engagement.