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Hawthorn Football Club Foundation


The Hawthorn Football Club Foundation plays a key role in supporting the club whilst they build towards a prosperous future. Dedicated to ensuring it has every opportunity to perform at its peak and become a benchmark for excellence, unity and success.

The Foundation is also committed to supporting the club’s community engagement programs to inspire and educate; integrate and engage; mentor, lead and support the community to ensure a better outcome not just for Hawthorn supporters but for everyone.

One for All, today, tomorrow, always. 

Why we exist

The Foundation was established to ensure your club continues to thrive regardless of the competitive and complex environment in which it operates. Our history has taught us that on-field triumph doesn’t always equal off-field survival and even the most successful clubs need to be future ready and community minded.

Foundation donations enable us to lead and respond to opportunities above and beyond the club’s core operational activities and obligations. The Foundation enables the club to expand beyond the everyday so that we may contribute to the sport and the community in a meaningful way.

The Foundation also importantly enables the club to reach out and engage with the community. We believe in sport being a powerful facilitator and conduit to unifying people and to building, strong, healthy and safe communities. One for All.

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Hawthorn Football Club and is fully funded by our generous and loyal donors. There are four main pillars that form the basis of our fundraising efforts.


The Hawthorn Football Club is widely known as the Family Club – it has an innate desire to support not just Hawthorn people but the wider community, ensuring a better outcome for all.

The Foundation is dedicated to enabling the club to develop greater opportunities to embrace the wider community, ensuring its community partnerships and programs promote integration, inclusion, diversity and expansion for a better future.

We aim to inspire and educate; integrate and engage; mentor, lead and support the community to ensure a better outcome not just for Hawthorn supporters but for everyone.

The Past

The Hawthorn Football Club is shaped by the people, games and experiences that have formed its journey since 1925.

For 32 years Hawthorn was known as the easy beats, not winning a treasured premiership until 1961. Since then, we have become the most successful team of the modern era, winning another twelve premierships in the past five decades.

The Foundation is committed to preserving and honouring the past so all Hawthorn supporters and the wider community have the opportunity to understand the role the Hawks have played in shaping the Australian sporting landscape of today.

The Present


The Hawthorn Football Club is dedicated to challenging the status quo and remaining competitive in the current landscape.

The introduction of both the women’s VFL team at Box Hill Hawks and the new talent identification Academies provide the club with significant opportunities to develop elite pathways for young members of the community, promoting diversity and integration.

The Hawthorn Football Club Foundation is excited at the opportunity to expand it community support through talent pathways and will assist the club in ensuring it does not fall behind in current day team, resource, facility and equipment requirements.

The Future: The Destination Club

The Hawthorn Football Club’s vision is to create a world-class training and administration centre that can nurture a team that represents Australia’s leading athletes while competing at an elite level. One that provides cutting edge training, sports science and football facilities.

The club’s vision is to provide a place where Hawthorn supporters are closely integrated into the club, where they can live and breathe the values, celebrate the successes and support the club through adversities. Where the individual is never bigger than the collective.

The Foundation supports the grand plan to bring the community and the club even closer together. Community; unity; it’s about create a place where people can thrive and grow.

Together, with your support, we believe together we can rise and meet the challenge and achieve an even greater future for the community and the Club.  One for All. Always.

Always Hawthorn

The Always Hawthorn Bequest Club was established to ensure the club will always remain strong and viable for generations to come.

Made up of passionate and proud members, the Always Hawthorn Bequest Club ensures that our lifelong supporters will always feel like an integral part of the Hawthorn family heralded for their generational support of the Hawks.

The Foundation supports Always Hawthorn and is dedicated to ensuring the Hawthorn Football Club will forever remain a place to belong and that everything it stands for will be preserved and prospered. Ensuring that our yesterdays complement our tomorrows, always.

For more information please contact:

Kerrie Brewer
Senior Manager - Foundation and Events
P: 9535 3009 E:

Steven Johnston
Foundation Coordinator
P: 9535 3064 E:

Mike Warren
Foundation Bequest Officer
P: 9535 3063 E: is currently under construction and will be live in 2017.