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2014 Review: Ryan Schoenmakers

While Ryan Schoenmakers might ultimately be disappointed he didn’t play in this year’s premiership after also missing out last year due to the injury, he must see the positives in his 2014 campaign.

1:30pm  Oct 24, 2014

Newbold to remain Hawks President

ANDREW Newbold will be re-elected as President of Hawthorn Football at December’s Annual General Meeting.

12:00pm  Oct 24, 2014

2014 Review: Brian Lake

He was the story of the 2013 premiership and while 2014 had the same ending, this season was a challenging one for Brian Lake.

3:45pm  Oct 23, 2014

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Season Review: Schoenmakers

2:30pm  Oct 24, 2014

Season Review: Lake

3:30pm  Oct 23, 2014

Season Review: Ceglar

11:52am  Oct 22, 2014

How your donation is used

Waverley Park

The current focus of the HFC Foundation is a number of projects one of which is to assist in the fundraising for “Owning the Farm” which means the ownership of the freehold property at the Waverley Park precinct.

There will also be the challenge of keeping up with the increasing use of technology in the game by providing state-of-the-art equipment to assist the players’ recovery from injury through the acquisition of machines such as the Club’s new “Alter G” machine that allows players to commence their rehabilitation earlier and ensures their return to the field sooner.

It is imperative that the facilities at Waverley Park are maintained to the highest possible standard. This will ensure the Club continues to provide the best possible working environment for all players, coaches and members of staff to deliver on-field premiership success.


Endowment Fund

By building and securing a large capital base an endowment fund will ensure the Hawthorn FC will remain financially viable for the long term and has the financial resources to achieve both its on and off field objectives. The aim is to build a fund of $20 million, as outlined in the business plan five2fifty.

Unencumbered (or untagged) monies will be carefully invested to protect our future. It is envisaged that most “untagged” income will come through gifts from Estates, that is, a gift left by someone in his or her Will.

Once a reasonably sized endowment has been built, monies earned through interest from the capital may be apportioned to community projects by way of grants. Recipient projects will be selected from the Club’s Community Partners through the Hawks In The Community Helping (HITCH) initiative. The corpus of the endowment fund will remain intact and will continue to grow as new donations are secured.


HITCH – Hawks In The Community Helping

The HFC Foundation works with the HITCH program in two ways.

First, we are frequently asked by major donors (people who wish to make donations of $5,000 or more) how they can support community projects whilst still supporting the Hawthorn Football Club through the Foundation. HITCH is the answer.

New initiatives are currently being developed, one of which is to support indigenous communities including the indigenous community in Katherine in the Northern Territory.

Foundation fundraising success will allow more dollars to be apportioned to the charities and not-for-profit partners we work with and may lead to the Club increasing its community involvement. This win-win scenario actively demonstrates the Hawthorn ethos of being the Family Club and allows members to be involved first-hand.

Secondly, at a future date monies will become available to support community projects from the Foundation’s endowment fund (see Endowment Fund). It is anticipated that grants will be made on an annual basis.


Donor Charter

The Hawthorn Football Club is deeply grateful to its members and supporters for their generosity and is therefore committed to treating those who support the Club with the utmost care and respect.

At the heart of Hawthorn lies our commitment to sporting freedom. Because we value and safeguard our autonomy and sporting freedom, the Club does not accept gifts when a condition of such gifts would compromise these fundamental principles.

We promise

To inform donors and supporters of the way we use donated funds and to use them ffectively and for their intended purpose.

To inform our donors and supporters of our evolving needs and priorities and the impact that donated funds have upon the Club.

To provide the Club’s most recent Annual Report and financial statement, when requested.

That donors’ rights to privacy will be respected.

To acknowledge all donations appropriately and in accordance with the donor’s wishes. We will respect anonymity if requested.

All donations

Will be acknowledged promptly.

Will be applied to the purpose for which the gift was intended. Where Hawthorn FC priorities change over time, alternative uses for restricted or specific donations will be discussed with the donor or his/her representative.

When undesignated, the donation will be used for such purposes as the Foundation determines will best advance its priorities