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Miller-Lewis going back to go forward

Rookie Jermaine Miller-Lewis is making the switch from attack to defence ahead of his second season in the brown and gold.

4:00pm  Feb 9, 2016

Replacing Roughy a numbers game, says Schoey

Ryan Schoenmakers says Hawthorn's array of attacking weapons will all have to chip in to cover the loss of star big man Jarryd Roughead.

1:00pm  Feb 9, 2016

Photos: February 8

Check out the best photos from Monday's training session at the Ricoh Centre,

4:15pm  Feb 8, 2016


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FIFA - Big Kids vs Little Kids

Sam Mitchell, Bradley Hill and James Frawley take on some Hawks fans in a game of Fifa 2016 at the Ricoh Centre.

February 9, 2016  10:56 PM

FIFA - Big Kids vs Little Kids

10:56pm Feb 9, 2016

Going into the jungle?

12:00pm Feb 7, 2016

Scramble, Fry or Poach?

8:30am Feb 6, 2016

Richard Garvey on SEN

4:57pm Feb 3, 2016

Smile for the camera

3:10pm Feb 3, 2016

Fagan explains Roughead Injury

10:55am Jan 31, 2016

Stratton analyses a big day

4:29pm Jan 22, 2016

Remembering Ken Judge

3:39pm Jan 22, 2016

Sicily - You Decide

2:13pm Jan 21, 2016

Blake Hardwick on pre-season

10:24am Jan 20, 2016

Vale Ken Judge

12:00am Jan 19, 2016

Conor Glass on pre-season

2:46pm Jan 15, 2016

Luke Hodge chats BBL

2:41pm Jan 15, 2016