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Wright move boosts ruck stocks

December 11, 2012 12:15 PM

Feature: Wright on Ceglar Hawks Recruiting and List Manager Graham Wright speaks on the selection of rookie Jonathon Ceglar.

Graham Wright is pleased with the selection of Jonathon Ceglar.

Hawks Recruiting and List Manager Graham Wright believes Jonathon Ceglar can assist the Club's ruck division next season.

Jonathon Ceglar was selected with Hawthorn's pick 15 in the AFL National Rookie Draft on Tuesday.

With the recent departures of Adam Pattison and Broc McCauley, Wright was happy to boost the Hawks ruck stocks.

"We just felt that we needed more ruck depth and Jonathon fills that."

Ceglar has been training with the Hawks over the past few weeks, working closely with Ruck Coach Damian Monkhurst.

"He had two or three training runs with us and Damian felt that he could potentially push up and play AFL footy soon."