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The game that was: Round 4  April 19, 2017 4:09 PM

Despite the Cats' efforts, they were unable to keep Hodgey down for long.

Despite the Cats' efforts, they were unable to keep Hodgey down for long.

This week, we’ve decided to take a different approach to this segment, and place the spotlight on our Round 4 MVP.

Here it is; The General’s Game in GIFs.


3pm – Here we are, at the ‘G on Easter Monday. There are several Hawks that love the big stage, but none more so than Big Hodge. 

Remember those premiership cups he held up in front of crowds of 90,000 plus, three years running?


Yeah, so do we.

Hodgey has met the Cats 23 times and emerged victorious ten times, making Geelong one of only two teams that our No.15 does not having a winning record over.

And, well, we all know that Hodgey loves a challenge.



Meanwhile in the Geelong change rooms, the Cats are all like….



3.20pm – First bounce. Hodge is starting on the half back flank, and it’s only 45 seconds until the ball finds its way into his trusty hands.


He sends it long and gains valuable metres for the Hawks.

Q1 12: 50  - Hodge opens the corridor and delivers the ball to Gibbo on the 50 arch. He sends it wide, Gunston shows some silky skills before slotting it through for the Hawks first major.


Q1 23:17 BOOM. A big fist from The General prevents a certain mark from Harry Taylor inside Geelong’s forward 50. Sorry Hazza, your first goal as a forward isn’t happening on Hodgey’s watch. 


QT: The Hawks trail by 7 points, and Hodgey’s leading the charge with 12 touches. The man’s on fire.


Q2 16:00 –
A rare fumble from the champ, as he finds himself in a spot of trouble.


Trouble? This is Hodgey we’re talking about. He toe pokes his own ball, dives in desperation, and delivers it cleanly to the hands of Mitchell.

Take a bow, sir.


Hodgey’s still leading the Hawks’ disposal count, despite the Cats paying him plenty of attention.

There’s no stopping him.


Q3 27:00 -
HOLD UP. Sam Menegola has slammed our man Hodgey’s head into the ground with the full force of a freight train.

Hawks fans:

 anger panda.gif

We’re still reeling from that wicked, evil, despicable, unforgiveable – too far? Okay. We are displeased to see our champion handled in such a manner. 

Time to breath. One quarter of footy to go.


Q4 1:30 –
Burgoyne earns the free, and handballs it to Hodgey as he’s bursting down the corridor. We could be on here!

Parsons is heading in his direction, but a quick candy sell and Hodgey will be on his way.


Parsons wasn't happy with his opponent’s fancy footwork, so he’s sent an elbow straight into his jaw!


Hodgey hits the deck, and it’s a long while before he arises.


Q4 4:00 –
Hawkins catches Hodgey high, and he has a free kick within rage.

Finally, some justice.


It’s going…. It’s going…. 

It’s touched on the line.

FT: Despite being battered and bruised and beaten at every opportunity by the Cats, Hodgey was gallant in defeat. 

35 touches, five tackles and 546 metres gained – not half bad in an 86-point loss.


To The General, we salute you.