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Plenty left to achieve in 2017  August 12, 2017 1:05 PM

R21: Clarkson 'Looking forward to having him back' Alastair Clarkson spoke to the media at the airport ahead of the flight to Launceston as the team prepare to take on the Roos.

While finals are most likely off the cards for Alastair Clarkson's men, the Hawthorn Coach still has plenty of aspirations for the remaining three games in 2017.

The Hawks have blooded an uncharacteristically young side this season due to several injuries to senior players, and while they have displayed some impressive performances, Clarkson believes further opportunity will only progress their development.

"We've given [the young guys] significant responsibility," said Clarkson.

"And in some games they've stepped up really, really strongly and in other games, like last week, we weren't so good. 

"That's going to happen with young players. We've got an enormous amount to achieve in the last three games of the season to propel us into season 2018."

See the above video for Clarkson's full pre-match press conference.

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