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When the Hawks meet Mr.Men  September 1, 2017 3:43 PM

Hodge immortalised on canvas Luke Hodge is the feature of the latest piece from artist Jamie Cooper.

Mr Grumpy – James Sicily

 mrgrumpy.png mrmensis.png 

The odd on-field spat here and there may lead fans to characterising our Sis as the ‘grumpy’ one.

But, similarly to his literary counterpart, there’s a gentle old soul once you scratch the surface.



Mr Bump – Grant Birchall 

 mrbump.jpg mrmenbirch.PNG 

It’s been a tough year for our Birch. First, the broken jaw in Round 3. Then, the PCL on return in Round 7. When things were looking up after two strong games back, that knee struck again, calling curtains on season 2017.

But, he’s a fighter, and we’re looking forward to 2018 when Birch returns to the Mr Brave we all know and love.


Mr Noisy – Luke Hodge

 mrmennoisy.jpg mrmenhodge.png 


‘Back!’ ‘Run!’ ‘Birch, BIRCH!’ ‘Kick!’ ‘Out!’ ‘In!’ ‘Up! DOWN!’

Wherever there’s a booming voice on the field, there’s Hodgey. Hey, we’re not saying it’s a bad thing – it’s why he’s our general. But if you’re lining up against him? A set of ear plugs wouldn’t be a bad investment.


Mr Strong – Blake Hardwick


 mrstrong.png  mrmendimma.png

‘How much do you bench?’

Don’t let his size fool you. Our resident strong man, rumour has it that young ‘Dimma’ Hardwick can press a whopping 130kg.

Are there some secret super powers hidden within that glorious mullet?


Mr Cool – Josh Gibson


By his own admission, Gibbo’s “fashion has always been on point.”


And, well, the pictures speak for themselves.



Mr Busy – Alastair Clarkson


mrbusy.png  mrmenclarko.png 

We’re all well aware that Clarko likes to take things ‘one week at a time’, but boy can he fit a lot into that week.


If he’s not developing a new game plan, he’s ducking off overseas to study coaching methods abroad. Never one to settle for second best, Clarko will keep on trucking until he finds a way to stage an assault on that ‘next piece of silverware’.


Mr Clever – Will Langford

 mrmenclever.png  mrmenlangers.png

A touch more eloquent than your typical footballer archetype. You might spot Langers reading a history book on a travel, or nose deep in one of the free newspapers in the Virgin Lounge. When asked of his favourite book, Langers responded:

The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi Di Lampedusa. A historic novel set in Sicily during the Risorgimento – the unification of the states on the Italian peninsula into the Kingdom of Italy. A really terrific read.

He doesn’t get the ‘Mr. Clever’ tag for reading Mr. Men books, that’s for sure.


Mr Moustache – Ben Stratton

mrmoustache.jpg  mrmenstratts.png 


No explanation needed.

It comes and goes, but there have few ‘mos’ in modern football as mighty as this man’s.


Mr Chatterbox – Shaun Burgoyne

mrchatterbox.png  mrmensilk.png 

There’s no such thing as a short story if Silk’s telling it!

Grab a seat, settle in, and remember to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ in all the right places.


Mr Fussy – Jarryd Roughead

mrfussy.gif  mrmenrough.png 

Want to stay on the captain’s good side? Keep your locker tidy.