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Hawks in emojis  September 11, 2017 11:25 AM

Which emoji best sums up Shaun Burgoyne?

Which emoji best sums up Shaun Burgoyne?

In football, we traditionally communicate in cheers, boos, gasps, groans, shouts, screams and the occasional song.

Now, you can add emojis to that list. 

Over the weekend, football fans adopted the unofficial language of social media, using personalised emojis to show support for their teams.


emoji1.png  Emoji2.png
 Emoji3.png  emoji4.png

We started to wonder... What might ours look like if the Hawks were to be in finals this year? 

Then (as September is unusually quiet in Hawks HQ and we have a fair bit of spare time on our hands…) we decided to take it a step further.

If our Hawks were emojis, what would they be?


Liam Shiels



Solid. Dependable. An appropriate answer to any question. Not flashy like the praise hands, not over the top like the loveheart eyes.

Choose the ‘thumbs up’ emoji, you know it’ll get the message across.

Choose Liam Shiels, you know he’ll get the job done. 👍👍👍


Luke Hodge 


Whether you see it as a fist bump or a punch, either can apply to our Hodgey.

On one hand, he’s a laidback, knockabout bloke, who enjoys hanging out and relaxing with mates – everything that a fist bump represents.

On the other hand, he’s the ultimate warrior; he’ll go into fight for any one of his teammates. And while the MRP might not love him for it, the brown and gold army wouldn’t have him any other way. 👊👊👊


Cyril Rioli 


Shock, dismay, disbelief, fever, delirium. 

Pretty much all the emotions one feels when Cyril Rioli does something special on the field. Whether he’s jumping on shoulders to take a grab, or caressing the sherrin through a busy goal square, the shocked emoji sums up how we’re all feeling. 😱

Well that, or the love heart eyes would be a reasonable substitute. 😍


Tom Mitchell 



If managing 50 touches in an AFL match is Tommy Mitchell’s party trick, then his juggling skills come in a close second.

Before every game, without fail, you’ll find him with 3+ balls in hand, unblinking, concentration levels 100.

Exhibit a)

Juggling act @tommitchell6 #strongasone

A post shared by Hawthorn Football Club (@hawthornfc) on


Shaun Burgoyne



How is this man even real? The man that keeps improving with age, performs magical feats on the field, and drags his team back into the contest when all seems lost.

Shaun Burgoyne; Hawthorn’s unicorn.


Jaeger O'Meara



“Don’t get the smashed avo,” they said. “You’ll be broke,” they said.

But as soon as that delicious avo is dished up on a bed of crunchy sourdough in front of you, you know you’ve made the right call.

Similar to the way Hawks’ fans felt when they saw the number 10 darting around in Round 23.

Jaeger O’Meara is Hawthorn’s avocado; he’ll be worth every penny.  


Isaac Smith 



Run, Issie, run!

He’s no Forrest, but the man sure can cover some ground.

10 times this season, Issie ran further than anyone else on the ground.

17 times, he was among the top three on field. Four times, he broke the 16km barrier.

On second thought, Forrest better watch out – Issie’s coming.


Ryan Schoenmakers 


The mantle of a footy club’s best golfer is often a hotly contested one. There are several honourable mentions (young Mitchell Lewis is rumoured to play off scratch, Sis has been known for fluking a few hole-in-ones, and Hodgey has nailed the ‘Happy Gilmore’), but we’ve decided that Schoey is Hawthorn’s golfer emoji.

Why, you ask?


Case closed.


Alastair Clarkson



The light bulb; synonymous with new ideas.

There are few with as many ‘light bulb moments’ as our Clarko. Making bold moves during trade periods, shifting the magnets mid-season, changing up the game plan - it’s like a constant blinker of genius ideas going off in Clarko’s head.

You’ll never be left in the dark while the master is around.