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Gallery: Thursday combat  November 9, 2017 12:12 PM

Liam Shiels 'Everyone is raring to go' Vice Captain Liam Shiels was in the club today well head of the return date for the senior group as he and nine other players joined the young group for a training session at the Ricoh Centre.

The young Hawks were back in action today, sweating it out with an outdoor combat session at the Ricoh Centre.

The 1-4 year players were taught tackling techniques by Strength and Conditioning Coach (and Karate black belt) Richard Callaghan, before putting their learnings into action against their teammates.

Here are the best snaps.

Gallery: Wednesday running session

2017-11-09 09.32.45.jpg
2017-11-09 09.34.10.jpg
2017-11-09 09.27.46.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.23.21.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.26.59.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.26.19.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.24.00.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.27.06.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.29.42.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.30.30.jpg
2017-11-09 09.34.36.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.34.50.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.26.10.jpg 
2017-11-09 09.28.45.jpg