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Young Hawks star in VFL practice match

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We caught up with Box Hill Senior Coach Chris Newman to find out how each of our listed Hawthorn players performed for Box Hill in their practice match against the Northern Blues on Saturday night.

Dallas Willsmore

"Dallas has been playing off the half-back line. It is a bit of a different role for him but he is getting better at it as the weeks go on. He obviously provides a fair bit of offence for us, but he has been working on his defensive stuff as well. He had a couple of really good spoils. He provided some really good rebound for us. So, he had another good, solid game. He just played half-back this week, no time on the wing, but he will probably flick between the two throughout the year." CN


Kurt Heatherley

"Kurt Heatherley played his first game, having not played last week. He got better as the game went on, as he found his feet more and more. He was really aggressive with his spoiling. His skills were OK, he is one of those talls who can rebound for us and provide some run. He gets up the ground a little bit and his efforts were pretty good throughout the day so he will be a lot better again this week I expect." CN


Conor Nash

"Conor played forward this week, in what has been a new role for him throughout the summer. He probably wasn’t rewarded last week as much as what he should have been but his workrate was great and he was getting to some good spots. Whereas this week, he again had legitimate chances to mark the ball and he did. So, he ended up kicking three goals and took quite a few contested marks. His ability to use his speed to get up and down the ground is a real weapon, especially when he is that size. His progression has been pleasing." CN


Teia Miles

"‘Milesy’ played forward and kicked three in the first half but then didn’t hit the scoreboard after that. But he was solid. He provided a lot of forward pressure and he looks really dangerous at the moment. He hasn’t had a lot of opportunity on ball but he will probably flick between the two positions throughout the year." CN


James Worpel

"James Worpel had another impressive game. He hit the scoreboard this week, kicking two goals. He is a tough inside mid who loves the contest and loves to tackle. He provides ruthless pressure around the ball. He is also capable of playing forward as well so he will flick between the two throughout the year as well." CN


Dylan Moore

"Dylan Moore played primarily on the wing. He had a really good last quarter, he kicked a goal and accumulated quite a few possessions. He is quite a dynamic player and he makes good decisions with the ball. He played on the wing but he is one of those guys who is trying to find his feet a little bit first and then we will slowly start to give him more exposure on ball." CN

Kaiden Brand

"Brand played his first game for the year after returning from a thumb injury. It was solid but he will look to improve on his first performance." CN


Kieran Lovell

"He looked quite dynamic throughout the day. It was his first game also. But he looks really good. He has got himself into some really good shape this year and he was moving across the ground quite well." CN


James Cousins

"Playing as an inside midfielder again, he was good and accumulated possessions. He’s tough. I don’t think he hit the scoreboard this week but he was really good for us inside." CN


Marc Pittonet 

"Pittonet had his first game at VFL level for the year. He was solid in the ruck. He gave us first use in the ruck and then went forward on occasion and provided a really strong target for us and he ended up kicking a goal." CN

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