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Welcome to Finals Face Off, a play versus play tournament where you, the Hawthorn faithful, decide which finals moment will be left standing.

Hawthorn has been privileged and talented enough to play in an impressive 86 finals matches since 1957, Finals Face Off will pit a final draw of 16 momentous plays to compete in a knock out format for the mantle of fans’ favourite finals moment.

Each week day on we will reveal the next Face Off match, with voting open for 24 hours to decide which moment proceeds to the next round of the tournament.

Dew takes out Finals Face Off 2017

Congratulations Stuart Dew, winner of Finals Face Off 2017. Dew's purple patch in the 2008 Grand Final has been deemed the fans favourite play in a Hawthorn final.

September 28, 2017  11:50 AM

Finals Face Off Feed

Finals Face Off winner

10:53am  Sep 28, 2017

Finals Face Off grand final

Who will be the premiership winner?

10:45am  Sep 27, 2017

Finals Face Off first fans' wildcard

Brian Lake's smother won the hearts of fans, but can it beat Dew?

11:35am  Sep 25, 2017

Cyril v Franklin in Finals Face Off #14

Who will win this second semi-final?

10:33am  Sep 24, 2017

Dew and Brereton in Finals Face Off #13

It's '08 versus '89 Grand Final time.

11:30am  Sep 23, 2017

Finals Face Off last quarter final

Hawthorn Legend against a modern superstar.

10:20am  Sep 22, 2017

Two eras collide in Finals Face Off #11

Buckenara's free kick or Rioli's pressure?

11:01am  Sep 21, 2017

Two decades apart in Finals Face Off #10

Two contrasting moments against the same opponent, who will win?

11:30am  Sep 20, 2017

Finals Face Off quarterfinal fight

Langford and Dew return to fight for preliminary final position.

11:24am  Sep 19, 2017

Knights v Franklin in Finals Face Off #8

How can you even choose?

1:03pm  Sep 18, 2017

Finals Face Off against South Australia

Barker and Buddy battle it out in Face Off #7.

11:00am  Sep 15, 2017

Rioli's Finals Face Off

When you are your own worst enemy in Finals Face Off #6

11:49am  Sep 14, 2017

Hodge and Burgoyne in Finals Face Off #4

Can you choose between these two fan favourites?

11:30am  Sep 12, 2017

Finals Face Off #3 with Hudson and Brereton

Two moments of toughness but who will come out on top?

11:30am  Sep 11, 2017

Dunstall v Dew in Finals Face Off #2

Which player will battle it out against Will Langford?

11:45am  Sep 8, 2017

The launch of Finals Face Off

A play versus play tournament where you get to decide which finals moment will be left standing.

2:30pm  Sep 7, 2017

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