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VFLW Q&A: Julia Crockett-Grills caught up with VFLW Hawk Julia Crockett-Grills to see how pre-season is progressing and to ask all the hard questions.

5:49pm  Feb 22, 2018

Birchall ruled out for round one

Grant Birchall has been ruled out of the club's round one clash against Collingwood at the MCG as he continues his recovery from a persistent knee injury.

3:50pm  Feb 22, 2018

Peschke’s journey to Hawthorn a rapid rise

Twelve months ago Pip Peschke would have never dreamed she’d be where she is now.

2:13pm  Feb 22, 2018

Liam Shiels 'Everyone is raring to go'

Vice Captain Liam Shiels was in the club today well head of the return date for the senior group as he and nine other players joined the young group for a training session at the Ricoh Centre.

November 8, 2017  1:39 PM

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