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AFLX: The Rules explained

Want to know everything about how AFLX is different? This video gives you all the inside info on the rules, the field and the teams.

January 24, 2018  9:00 AM

Experience the Unexpected

AFLX is a new and exciting concept created by the AFL to showcase some of the most thrilling elements of Australian Football to attract new fans.

While there are some familiar aspects for fans, this new game will provide a very different experience.

The AFLX version of Australian Football will be played on a rectangular field with seven players on the field and three on the bench.

AFLX will be an express form of the game with explosive action exhilarating fans of all ages.

Get ready for 10 point super goals, last touch out of bounds and non-stop action on and off the field.

The inaugural 2018 AFLX Tournaments promise to be a great family experience exciting fans of all ages.

Off the field fans will see plenty of action with fireworks, DJs with plenty of music, in game commentary, roving performers, kids and family zones and giveaways a feature at all events.

The AFL want fans to have the opportunity to help shape this new form of the game and influence what it looks like into the future.

Don’t miss out on the first events of their kind and be part of history as the AFL launches this new form of the game.

The 2018 AFLX Tournaments will see three tournaments played across three cities in three days.

The first tournament will be at Hindmarsh Stadium on Thursday, February 15, Etihad Stadium on Friday February 16 and Allianz Stadium on Saturday February 17.

These events will feature six teams at each location with two pools of three playing in a round robin format. A Grand Final will be played at each event.

Go to for all of the latest information on these exciting events. 


Match day merchandise

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Match Venue Time Tickets
Thursday, February 15

Teams competing:

Port Adelaide v Geelong Cats

Adelaide Crows v Collingwood 

Geelong Cats v Fremantle

West Coast Eagles v Adelaide Crows

Fremantle v Port Adelaide

Collingwood v West Coast Eagles

Grand final

Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide 6.10pm CDT Buy tickets
Friday, February 16

Teams competing:

Carlton v Melbourne

Hawthorn v Essendon

North Melbourne v Carlton

Essendon v St Kilda

Melbourne v North Melbourne

St Kilda v Hawthorn

Grand final

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne 6.40pm EDT Buy tickets
Saturday, February 17

Teams competing:

GWS Giants v Richmond

Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs

Richmond v Brisbane Lions

Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast Suns

Brisbane Lions v GWS Giants

Gold Coast Suns v Sydney Swans

Grand final

Allianz Stadium, Sydney 4.10pm EDT Buy tickets

Further information, including details of an official launch of AFLX, will be provided in the coming weeks along with ticketing details for the Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney tournaments.


Want more information?

Does my Hawthorn membership get me in for free?

Unfortunately, club memberships will not gain you entry to AFLX. Tickets will have to be purchased at the above links.

How does AFLX work?

The 2018 AFLX Tournaments will see three events being played across three days with the first at Hindmarsh Stadium on Thursday, February 15th, then Etihad Stadium on Friday February 16th and Allianz Stadium on Saturday February17th. These events will feature six teams at each location with two pools of three playing in a round robin format. A Grand Final will be played at each event.

What does the 'X' mean?

The X in AFLX relates to the roman numeral character for the number ten which is a constant through the alternative version of the game with ten players (seven on the field and three on the bench with unlimited rotations), ten point super goals and ten minute halves for the 2018 AFLX Tournaments.

What's the field size?

Played on a rectangular field (approx. 70m width x 110m length) with four posts at each end (as per a normal AFL field). Ground markings will showcase an X in the centre square and it also has 40m arcs.

How many umpires are there?

Two field umpires, two boundary umpires and one goal umpire at each end of the ground.

What are the rules?

- Free kick against for last touch out of bounds.

- Kick-ins from behind the goal line after all scores.

- No marks paid for backwards kicks (except in forward 40m area).

- Quarters commence with a ‘ball up’ in the centre and at least two players from each team starting inside the 40m arc.

- Free shot from forward 40m arc – directly in front for deliberate rushed behinds.

- 10-point super goals when goals kicked on the full from outside the 40m arc.