The Southport Sharks were able to hold off a Box Hill comeback to take home a 15-point win on Saturday at Box Hill City Oval. 

Hawthorn Development Coach Andy Otten has given his review of how each senior-listed Hawk performed on the day, alongside some special Box Hill shoutouts.

Daniel Howe (27 disposals, 5 marks, 5 clearances)

"Howey had an interesting game. He's our toughest and most ferocious player on the ground for us. He won five centre clearances, so his inside work was really strong. He had 27 touches, but I think unfortunately for Howey he had too many turnovers, and cost him the stakes with the ball in hand. But he really brought the toughness around the footy this week, so we're really happy with how he went about that."

Tom Phillips (26 disposals, 5 marks, 8 tackles)

"It's Tommy's third week back from an ankle injury and we're starting to see his running power increase and improve to a level we know where he can get to. After quarter time, Billy Gowers for Southport was really dominating us as a team, so we sent Flip to him after quarter time and he kept him really quiet in the second half, as well as showing the ability to win his own footy. So we're glad to see Flip's running power and ability come back as he recovers and gets some match fitness after his injury. We're looking for him to take another step forward."

Max Lynch (1 goal, 12 disposals, 7 marks, 25 hit-outs) 

"Lynchy had his first game for Box Hill on the weekend, after missing several weeks with his concussion. Maxy was a bit rusty earlier, which I think he'd admit, but he really came into the game in the second half. He was able to get forward and kick a goal for us. Some of his ruck craft work was to a high level. With his hit-outs, he has got to build that connection with his midfielders, which as the game went on he progressively got better. at So we'll be looking for him to continue his upwards trajectory performance."

Jai Serong (1 goal, 11 disposals, 5 marks)

"Jai again played as a high half forward for us and plays this role really well for the team. His ability to work hard up and down the field, especially on exit kicks for us as forwards, he gets really high through his work rate and then gets forward after that. So we're really happy with how he's tracking."

Jack Saunders (11 disposals)

"Jack had a really solid game for us as a forward and a winger. Jack's running power is really unique, with his speed and ability to repeat those high intensity speed efforts. Similar to Serong, we're starting to see exit options for us as forwards or as a winger and use his running power to really trouble defenders."

Emerson Jeka (12 disposals)

"Jeka had an interesting game. He started up forward, providing some really strong contests, but wasn't quite able to finish his play on a couple of marks. In the second half we needed some ball use down back so we actually put him down in the backline for a half. He really caught our eye there with some of the intercept marks and then his kicking skills - Jek is a beautiful kick of the footy - we really liked that so I think we'll look at continue that in the short-term."

Jackson Callow (1 goal, 8 disposals)

"Callow also started down back, and had some really strong one-on-one contests. Unfortunately, he had a few costly errors as a defender, with some goals against. We flipped him and Jeka at half time and he was able to get up forward and get on his bike, use his work rate and kicked a really nice snap goal as well."

Max Ramsdan (6 disposals) 

"It was Maxy's third game and he came up against two quality opposition ruckman, who are really strong. So that was really good for his development to play against these type of players. So we're looking for Maxy to use his athleticism around the ground and also into marking contests."

Fionn O'Hara (6 disposals)

"We gave Fionn a bit of a shut down role as a defender on Jay Lockhart and we were really impressed with how he went about it. He was able to take a few marks early and get himself in the game. And then in the second half, his defensive work really came into it. He had really strong one-on-one contests, spoiling the ball outside the area. So we're really pleased with how he went about his game on the weekend."

Ned Long (1 goal, 7 disposals) 

"Longy played on the wing for the first quarter and played the best quarter of footy he has played this year. It was really pleasing to see him on the wing, he spent a lot of time this week educating himself on the wing patterns. It was great to see Liam Shiels help him out in the computer room all week and we saw some really strong benefits until unfortunately he got a concussion, so he'll miss one week. But we're really keen to get him back on the wing when he's back."

... and a special shoutout to a Box Hill defence duo

Stuart Horner (12 disposals) 

"Stu is ever reliable for us, he had the job on Jacob Townsend, an ex AFL premiership player, and they had some great one-on-one contests all day. Stu can hold his head high, he competed strongly all day. We're really pleased with how Stu went."

Hugh Beasley (17 disposals, 7 marks)

"Hugh, who has been carrying a shoulder injury, was able to shrug that off this week and play a strong captain's game for us down back, intercepting the ball and leading well. I thought he used the ball quite well."