The Box Hill Hawks recorded back-to-back wins and returned to the VFL competition’s top eight following a 56-point win over the Northern Bullants on the weekend. 

Jacob Koschitzke, Ned Long, Kyle Hartigan and Sam Butler were all welcome additions for the must-win clash.

Hawthorn Development Coach has provided his review of each of the AFL-listed Hawks who featured in the clash. 

Daniel Howe (31 disposals, 9 marks, 5 tackles)

"Howey was great for us today, he had 31 touches. He started off playing as an inside mid - but the centre was almost unplayable - so we put him out to the wing in the second quarter and for the rest of the game and he really controlled the ball for us there. The rest of the ground was in really good condition and he was able to get plenty of the ball and use it really well this week which is great for Dan. As usual, he led with his toughness around the footy and was really important with our offence this week moving the ball forward for us."

Tom Phillips (27 disposals, 11 marks, 5 tackles)

"Flip started off really scratchy, he probably turned over his first few touches, but after that he clicked into gear, reset him self and finished off the game really strongly. His work rate is back to where we know it can be and he used the ball really well for us after quarter time, so he was really important for us."

Ned Long (24 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles)

"Ned played his best game of VFL so far. He replicated that great quarter on the wing - from the last game he played before he got injured - for a full game. He played a half on the wing, he was able to used his work rate up and down there and when the ball was in his area he was a strong bull around the footy. The second half we put him inside - he kind of swapped with Howey - and he was able to get his hands on the footy, he had 24 touches which I think is a personal best for Longy which is great for him to be really putting his foot forward late in the year."

Jai Serong (21 disposals, 10 marks)

"Jai was another one who had the most touches he has ever had in a game, which is a great result. I thought Jai was outstanding playing as a high half forward for most of the game. He took 10 marks, so he was our outlet option a lot and was that link between defence and our forward line. His work rate is just super high. Jai is probably one of our best workers. He was able to get the ball in his hand and win some one-on-one contests as well. He missed a few shots on goal that he probably would've liked to get that scoreboard result but nonetheless, Jai was fantastic for us." 

Emerson Jeka (19 disposals, 8 marks)

"Jeka continued his impressive form as a key defender - he had 19 touches, all of them kicks as well. He was able to intercept mark, he defended a lead much better this week which we were really happy with. He's done two and a half games now as a key defender and we're really liking what we're seeing with his development. His intensity around the footy has just gone to another level, he's so fast around the footy so it is good to see him bring that part of his game out."

Jack Saunders (21 disposals, 2 goals, 7 marks)

"Saundo had a personal best for the amount of touches he had as well. We know he's really fast with the ball in hand and we're asking for him to bring some of that speed defensively. On the weekend we saw that in his game and it was really impressive. It's going to be a really important element within his game to keep building on. That chase and tackle pressure as a really fast high half forward is really unique, so hopefully Saundo can keep building on that. He was able to get some reward on the scoreboard with two really good goals. It's great to see the young guys like Saundo developing in the back end of the season at a rapid rate."

Sam Butler (15 disposals)

"Buts had his first game of VFL for quite some time after having a few weeks off injured. I think he was a bit rusty early, he was just getting back in the groove of VFL football. He was a little bit fumbly inside our forward 50, it probably cost himself a couple of shots on goal, but his work rate was really high. It was good to have him back out there, he'll be much better for the run."

Max Lynch (14 disposals, 23 hit-outs)

"Lynchy battled really well throughout, he was a bit crook going into the game. But he was able to put that aside and still perform for us over four quarters. He was able to get his hands on the ball in the middle and connect with our mids, it was a really strong game from him."

Fionn O’Hara (12 disposals)

"Fionn had the most touches he has had in a game which was really impressive. I thought it was his best game as a defender for us. He was really clean with the ball, composed and took two bounces - which he has never done before - so that was great. His confidence is building which is great to see."

Jackson Callow (10 disposals)

"Callow probably had a bit of a quieter game, he struggled to get involved early playing as a key forward and didn't have the impact that he would've liked. We threw him in the ruck in the last quarter and he did some nice things in there."

Jacob Koschitzke (1 goal, 9 disposals)

"Kosi hurt his knee earlier in the game which probably impacted his running power ability. But nonetheless he still had four shots on goal. He kind of had an 'almost game' in some ways. He dropped a couple of marks that he would've usually taken. He kicked one goal three so if he was to converts that he'd be looking at a different type of outcome for his game."

Kyle Hartigan (6 disposals)

"It was Kyle's second game in eight weeks so we just asked for him to lead well with his leadership and voice, teach the others with his running patterns and positioning, and then just compete in as many contests. We'd like him to get into a few more contests, but he'll be better for the run after not playing much footy in the last two months."

Max Ramsden (7 disposals, 7 hit-outs)

"Max is developing nicely and we're really happy with his progress. He took three contested marks this week which is a great sign. They were really nice athletic jumps at the footy so again he's just showing us these signs that he's going to be a good player going forward for us."

Liam Shiels (4 disposals) 

"Pup got concussed early in the game so unfortunately his day was done pretty early."

And this week's Box Hill shoutouts go to... 

Cal Porter (45 disposals, 10 marks, 10 tackles, 9 clearances)

"He was a standout on the day, he had 45 possessions which is just astronomical. When I was watching the vision back he was just everywhere - his work rate was through the roof and he was doing a job for us on their best player so he was just quite outstanding."

Ben Cavara (5 goals, 12 disposals, 5 tackles)

"Ben set the game for us in that third quarter, I think he kicked three of his five goals and really came to life in that term. His forward pressure increased, and a few of his goals resulted off that so great work from Cav."