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Skills sharpened ahead of opener

The Hawks hit the training track at the Ricoh Centre on Wednesday morning as preparations for Round 1 hit top gear.

The players were split into four groups by coaches to take part in several handballing drills to ensure the skills and ball handling is sharp ahead of the blockbuster opening round clash against Geelong.

In the four groups, players were split into two teams - one offensive and one defensive before alternating. The offensive team had to move the ball by hand at all costs as the defenders tried to intercept.

Players then embarked on a full ground drill that concentrated on moving the ball from one end of the ground to the other both by hand and foot before a full ground match simulation took place.

Head Fitness Coach Andrew Russell then took charge as players completed running duties before heading inside the Ricoh Centre.

Liam Shiels tries to grab the footy one handed as Brent Guerra and Taylor Duryea look on.

Got him! Ryan Schoenmakers gets caught by Shaun Burgoyne during a handballing drill.

Cyril Rioli wants to play tunnel ball through the legs of Angus Litherland?

Brett Ratten directs High Performance Coach, David Rath and imparts some of his knowledge of the game.

Looks like Paulk Puopolo has been to the hairdressers, sporting a freshly shaved head ahead of Round 1 while Brad Sewell is looking as fit as ever for the blockbuster game on Easter Monday.

Jonathan Simpkin gets low as he looks to chnage direction while Michael Osborne finishes a drill with a shot on the run from 45.

He's looking fit. Captain Luke Hodge takes part in the session.

Almost identical are the kicking actions of Luke Breust and Kyle Cheney.

Josh Gibson provides the overlap on the last line of defence as defensive partner Brian Lake looks to dish the handball.

Hodge in full flight!

Derick Wanganeen and Jack Gunston show off their skills to coaches during the session.

Ben Stratton gatheres as Senior Coach of Box Hill, Damian Carroll closes in.