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Hodge and Burgoyne in Finals Face Off #4

Finals Face Off #4 Hodge v Burgoyne Vote for your favourite moment from our Finals Face Off #4 at

As far as memorable moments go for Hawks fans in finals, they don’t come much bigger than the two that feature in today’s Face Off. Face Off #4 sees Luke Hodge’s goal from the 2015 Grand Final take on Shaun Burgoyne’s goal in the 2013 Preliminary Final.

The adoration of Luke Hodge by Hawks fans is unquestioned, but his goal in the second quarter of the 2015 Grand Final increased that love to infatuation. 

The Hawks were already making a strong case for a third straight flag, establishing a 19 point lead against the Eagles.

However, the moment of knowing this again would be our day, came early in the second quarter. 

After competing for the ball, Hodge received a handball from Puopolo, then against the boundary on the wrong side for a left footer, he sent a banana towards goal.

We will leave the rest up to Bruce McAvaney.

“That’s a goal I think, it is, Hodge has done it from nowhere.”

In the 2013 Preliminary Final, Shaun Burgoyne had booted two goals already, but his third goal with five minutes to go in the match against the Cats had all the hallmarks of a player stepping up in a big moment.

The Hawks had trailed by 20 points at three quarter time, the infamous ‘Kennett Curse’ looked set to continue. However, goals to Hill, Gunston and then Burgoyne’s finish gave us the lead we would never relinquish.

Burgoyne’s celebration told a story too – arms out stretched with the fans euphoric in the backround, it is an iconic Hawthorn finals moment.

Today’s moments will have different meanings for everyone, making today’s decision one of the tougher ones – good luck with your choice. 

Tune in tomorrow to see who progresses and who will be in Finals Face Off #5.

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