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Our list by the numbers

The meaning of 'always' Champions of the Hawthorn Football Club explain what the phrase 'Always Hawthorn' means to them.
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 06: Jarryd Rougheadm Captain of the Hawks leads the team out ahead of his 250th game during the 2017 AFL round 20 match between the Richmond Tigers and the Hawthorn Hawks at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on August 06, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Adam Trafford/AFL Media)
Ahead of the drafts, Hawthorn's average age across the list is 24.5.

We’ve taken a look at the demographics of our list heading into Thursday and Friday’s drafts.

With 39 players currently committed, including seven rookies, here is where they all sit in age, experience and position.


The list: by age

Average age: 24.5

30-34 years of age

Shaun Burgoyne (36)
Jarryd Roughead (31)
James Frawley (30)
Grant Birchall (30)
Ricky Henderson (30)
Paul Puopolo (30)

26-29 years of age

Ben Stratton (29)
Ben McEvoy (29)
Isaac Smith (29)
Ryan Schoenmakers (28)
Luke Breust (28)
Liam Shiels (27)
Jack Gunston (27)
David Mirra (27)
Jonathan Ceglar (27)
Tom Scully (27)

22-25 years of age

Tom Mitchell (25)
Chad Wingard (25)
Kaiden Brand (24)
Tim O’Brien (24)
Jaeger O’Meara (24)
James Sicily (23)
Jarman Impey (23)
Daniel Howe (22)
Marc Pittonet (22)
Teia Miles (22)

18-21 years of age

Blake Hardwick (21)
Conor Glass (21)
Ollie Hanrahan (20)
Conor Nash (20)
James Cousins (20)
Jack Scrimshaw (20)
Harry Morrison (20)
Mitchell Lewis (20)
Dylan Moore (19)
Changkuoth Jiath (19)
Jackson Ross (19)
James Worpel (19)
Harrison Jones (19)


The list: by experience

Average number of AFL games played: 91

250+ games

Shaun Burgoyne (358)
Jarryd Roughead (275)

200-249 games

Grant Birchall (245)
James Frawley (207)

150-199 games

Ben McEvoy (187)
Liam Shiels (186)
Luke Breust (185)
Isaac Smith (181)
Jack Gunston (172)
Ben Stratton (169)
Paul Puopolo (168)
Tom Scully (152)

100-149 games

Chad Wingard (147)
Ricky Henderson (130)
Ryan Schoenmakers (121)
Tom Mitchell (111)

50-99 games

Jarman Impey (99)
Jaeger O’Meara (71)
Jonathan Ceglar (61)
James Sicily (60)
Daniel Howe (50)

0-49 games

Tim O’Brien (46)
Blake Hardwick (44)
Kaiden Brand (38)
Harry Morrison (22)
Teia Miles (12)
James Worpel (11)
Conor Glass (10)
James Cousins (7)
David Mirra (7)
Marc Pittonet (5)
Conor Nash (5)
Jack Scrimshaw (4)
Mitchell Lewis (2)

Yet to debut

Ollie Hanrahan
Harrison Jones
Changkuoth Jiath
Jackson Ross
Dylan Moore


The list: by position

Key defenders

James Frawley
Kaiden Brand
David Mirra

Medium-small defenders

Grant Birchall
Ben Stratton
Harry Morrison
Blake Hardwick
Conor Glass
James Sicily
Jack Scrimshaw
Harrison Jones
Changkuoth Jiath


Tom Mitchell
Jaeger O’Meara
Isaac Smith
Daniel Howe
Liam Shiels
James Cousins
Tom Scully
James Worpel

Key forwards

Jarryd Roughead
Mitchell Lewis
Jack Gunston
Jackson Ross
Conor Nash

Medium-small forwards

Luke Breust
Chad Wingard
Paul Puopolo
Ollie Hanrahan
Dylan Moore


Ben McEvoy
Jonathan Ceglar
Marc Pittonet


Shaun Burgoyne
Ryan Schoenmakers
Ricky Henderson
Teia Miles
Jarman Impey
Tim O’Brien

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