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The global owners of brown and gold

Mitchell back on track Two and a half weeks after breaking his leg, Tom Mitchell has made his way back onto Waverley.

Brown and gold.

For you, these two colours mean one thing and one thing only.

But, believe it or not, they also belong or have belonged to various other sporting clubs around the world.

We’ve taken a look at who our global brown and gold brothers are…

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San Diego Padres


Photo credit: USA Today


The San Diego Padres announced their intentions to revert back to a brown and gold colour scheme in 2020 last week. The Major League Baseball team wore the colours through its inception in 1969 and for the ensuing 15 years but have recently instead opted for a navy blue and white colouring. The return of the brown and gold has been passionately called for in recent years by the club’s fanbase, with the supporters’ desires finally realised with last week’s announcement. 


Denver Broncos

Photo credit: Disciples of Alberto Riveron

The story of the Denver Broncos adopting the brown and gold colours is a unique one. The first owner of the NFL franchise was having cashflow challenges in the club’s formative season in 1960- to the point where even uniforms were proving hard to come by. Their brown and gold kits ultimately had to be purchased second-hand from a nearby college. The attire was universally hated, with quarterback at the time Frank Tripucka declaring it was “unquestionably, without a doubt” the ugliest uniform in the history of sports. The colours lasted two years but their memory never faded- the above image shows the Broncos in a “throwback” round in 2009 which commemorated the 50th anniversary of the league. Ironically, the throwback guernsey proved markedly more popular than the original.


University of Wyoming


Photo credit: University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming is a member of the NCAA Division I, the highest level of intercollegiate athletics in the US. The proud college boasts many notable alumni, including former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney. The university was founded in 1891 ad their iconic colours were adopted just four years later, in 1895. The university website contends that the colour scheme is one of the most identifiable components of its brand.

Sutton United


Photo credit: Salisbury Journal

Falling away slightly in terms of the level of these sporting teams, Sutton United, who play in the National League, the fifth tier of English soccer are another example of a candidate who have worn these famous colours dating back to the 19th century.


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