Timing is everything in football.

It’s a perfectly-timed kick that sails through the big sticks.

It’s an ill-timed injury in the dying minutes of a close game.

It’s that moment when the final siren sounds, knowing that it was time well spent.

Season 2020 is upon us, and it’s an exciting time for the Hawthorn Football Club.

There’s  a new wave of brown and gold stars ready to step up and propel us forward.

The ones who are already providing the highlight reels; the crunching tackles, the freakish snaps, the ability to turn games on their head and ignite the crowd, time and time again.

The explosive midfielder who's proving everyone wrong.

The fiery defender who’s setting the competition alight.

The exciting key forward with some of the safest hands in the business.

The gifted goal sneak who's spreading his wings in his new colours.

The youngest Peter Crimmins Medallist in club history.

And, of course, the Brownlow Medallist whose hungrier than ever.

These aren’t just our promising youngsters anymore: they’ve put in the hard yards and proven their worth.

Now, it’s their time to shine. 

It’s your time to bring the noise. 

It’s our time, each and every one of us, to play our role.

In 2020, it’s time.

Are you ready?