Grand Finals are always intensely emotional spectacles as two sides do battle for an ultimate prize.

But, perhaps no Grand Final had a greater array of emotions attached than Hawthorn's 1976 flag.

The win will always be remembered as ‘Crimmo’s Cup’, named for champion rover and club captain Peter Crimmins, who died from cancer only two days after the game.  

In this week's episode of 'Golden Years', our hosts are joined by Hawthorn Team of the Century member Peter Knights as he recounts one of the most emotionally-charged premiership wins the club has ever experienced. 

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Golden Years Podcast: Knights reflects on "the Little Fellow"

The 1976 Grand Final was a special one for more than the reason the Hawks beat the Roos after losing the year before, this was Crimmo's Cup. Peter Crimmins passed away only three days following that win and Peter Knights who once played with the...

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