Prepare for inner-sanctum access like you’ve never had before. Introducing Hawthorn’s Heavy Hitters, the club’s new podcast that will keep you up to date on all the football news throughout this isolation period. 

In Part 1 Episode 1, your host Mark 'Howie' Howard (well known for his iconic sports podcast The Howie Games) is joined by Hawthorn’s three biggest off-field players - Coach Alastair Clarkson, CEO Justin Reeves and, of course, President Jeff Kennett. 

The trio give a detailed insight into the bizarre state of the game, and share how the club is going to survive (and thrive) despite coming to terms with the overwhelming financial impacts of the suspended AFL season. 

In Part 2, Howie is joined by club champion Sam Mitchell to do a deep dive into his playing and coaching career. You'll hear how Mitchell fought (harder than most) to get his place on an AFL list, and why he doesn't believe he was the best captain to his teammates.

Listen to the first episode below, or search and subscribe to Hawthorn's Heavy Hitters on your chosen podcast provider. Enjoy!