It's those make or break moments that make our game so great.

A game on the line with every action from here on to be of the utmost importance.

It's three-quarter time and the side gathers for one last moment before the final stanza begins.

The words need to motivate, implore and inspire the men to victory.

So, who are you choosing to deliver that speech?

Hawthorn's Heavy Hitters: A Silky smooth sound

Luke Hodge

The General. In addition to his inspiring ability as a player, Hodge was held in the highest regard as a leader of men. A three-time premiership captain, Hodge led his side to a Grand Final more often than not across his tenure as skipper.

John Kennedy Snr

One of, if not, the greatest orator the game has ever seen. Kennedy's words have stood the test of time, still echoing in the hearts and minds of all football fans. Kennedy had a way of inspiring anyone who came into his company, proven by the incredibly three premierships he led the club to. 

Alastair Clarkson

Clarkson has earned his place in the conversation of one of the greatest coaches the game has ever seen. A four-time premiership coach, he has led the club to arguably the most golden era in its history. 

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