Hawthorn Coach Alastair Clarkson says the feeling within the four walls of the club currently is more optimistic than some might think.

The Hawks have lost their past four games, taking their season record to three wins and five losses.

But Clarkson suggested a sense of positivity remained within the playing and coaching groups.

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"We feel like, internally, we're making some strides forward but unfortunately on the scoreboard that's not the case," Clarkson said.

"In the space of 12 games, the last eight last year and four this year, we won nine of those so I think that should still fill us with hope as it has that we have a strong squad that is capable of good results.

"We have another really good opportunity to turn things around tomorrow night against Carlton.

"I'm sure we will turn the corner pretty soon."

Clarkson conceded that such a form slump has been "rare" throughout his tenure at the club.

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Alastair Clarkson Press Conference

Hear from Alastair Clarkson as he speaks with the media ahead of the clash with Carlton.

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And, whilst the current circumstances of the Perth hub has its challenges, the four-time premiership coach said the side was certainly not feeling sorry for itself. 

"The club has been in a really strong position both on and off-field for a long period of time. 

"It's not often that we're in this situation where we're playing some average footy.

"It's really, really hard to work out why we're not playing at our best though, we're trying to work on a few things but it's difficult to make adjustments given the training environment and the lack of contact you can have with your players.

"That means that some of the levers that we've been able to pull to get ourselves out of these situations before, we're unable to pull as easily now so that makes it a little bit tough but our club has been in this position before and so has 17 other clubs over the last 10 years."