A quick look over Harry Morrison's 2021 campaign to date and you are smacked in the face by an abundance of career-high numbers. 

19.7 disposals, 6.3 marks, 3.3 tackles, two rebound 50s, 2.3 inside 50s and a goal per game - all career-best rates. 

Asked on Wednesday what the key factors of his progression are, the 22-year-old cited both physical and psychological means. 

The youthful backline core set to take us into the future

"There's probably a few things that have contributed to that," Morrison said. 

"I think a bit of that is just self belief, with the coaches and a lot of the boys having given me their confidence and belief that I need to play good footy.

"Brendan Bolton coming in as midfield coach as well which I think has been an important step for me as well.

"I've been working with Matty McGregor, our psychologist, and he's been helping me with a few things just to simplify the game a bit.

"He's given me a few things pre-game to settle my mind so that, when the siren does sound and the game starts, I can just play the game.

"I've learnt to focus on the process rather than thinking about next week or the result."

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Harry Morrison | Press Conference

Harry speaks on his recent form, youngsters breaking down the walls and how we plan to attack Freo in our upcoming round 5 clash!

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