Box Hill Coach Sam Mitchell said he was proud of his side's ability to overcome some early rust to ultimately post a sixth consecutive win.

"In the early stages of the game, we looked exactly like a team who hadn't played together for a while," Mitchell said.

"But we rallied off the back of Cal Porter and Josh Morris' efforts in particular and were able to run out convincing winners in the end which was really pleasing."

Check out what he had to say on each of the AFL-listed Hawks.

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Oliver Hanrahan (35 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 1 goal)

"Ollie Hanrahan played through the middle of the ground and won a lot of the ball. His composure in traffic was a stand-out as was his finishing skills and zippiness around the contest. It was a strong game."

Jai Newcombe (22 disposals, 2 marks 5 tackles)

"Jai started slowly but came into the game with his second half being especially influential. His composure with ball in hand was also noticeable as well as his pressure on the opposition."

Michael Hartley (20 disposals, 6 marks)

"Harts is in a good spot at the moment, defending strongly and using the ball with aplomb. His leadership amongst our younger players is extremely valuable. He even came down to Box Hill training on Tuesday night to help out."

Jon Ceglar (19 disposals, 2 marks, 2 tackles, 18 hit-outs)

"After a slow start, Cegs was ultimately a strong contributor. His ball-winning and tackling was excellent."

Harry Morrison (19 disposals, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal)

"At the start of the game, I thought it was going to be a game where he was going to be better for the run. But, to his credit, after quarter time his game was strong. His polish with ball in hand was exceptional."

Connor Downie (18 disposals, 3 marks)

"He continues to develop and is finding more and more ways to bring his strengths to the table including his run and carry. He had a right-foot goal assist which was a stand-out and he is in a good run of form."

Josh Morris (17 disposals, 9 marks, 1 goal)

"It was a really good game for Tank, taking eight intercept marks including seven in the first half when the run of play was against us. His ball-use and confidence in the air were dominant features of his play."

Jackson Callow (14 disposals, 8 marks, 1 tackle, 2 goals)

"He made a very solid contribution. His four contested marks were a strong feature. His work-rate meant he was the highest red zone runner for our side."

Finn Maginness (14 disposals, 1 mark, 1 tackle)

"Finn played in defence and he is continuing to learn the role but he is growing rapidly. He is finding more of the ball and using his run more as a defender than he did as a mid. His red zone running has almost doubled since his shift into defence. He still has some learning in his defensive craft but he is showing some really good signs."

Harry Pepper (14 disposals, 9 marks, 2 tackles, 1 goal)

"Harry's second half was very strong, it was his best half of footy for a while. He was able to hit the scoreboard with a poised finish. His aerial contest and follow-up on ground level were strong."

Jack Saunders (14 disposals, 2 marks, 3 tackles)

"Mighty Mouse continues to grow. Malfoy's work-rate and willingness to put on pressure is a leading light for our forwards. Draco continues to learn in his skill development, in particular on his non-preferred side."

Emerson Jeka (9 disposals, 4 marks, 1 tackle, 4 goals)

"He wasn't at his competitive best, but he was still able to make a contribution with four goals. He still needs to work on his competitiveness, although he was able to crash some packs early in the game."

Seamus Mitchell (8 disposals, 2 marks, 1 goal)

"Seamus does some exciting things with ball in hand but is still learning the physicality and work-rate required at the level."

Keegan Brooksby (7 disposals, 2 marks, 4 tackles, 13 hit-outs)

"Kegs sometimes puts the other players' needs in front of his own too much. While he was a strong player for us, he wasn't able to have as much influence but he enabled others to play well."

And some of the best Box Hill-listed guys?

"Cal Porter started in defence but the turning point of the game was when he went onto the ball. His physicality and desire for contact made us a much more formidable unit.

"Fergus Greene was able to kick five goals and his finishing skills and evasion made him a potent third tall on the weekend."