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Rough excited by teammates

Bupa Recovery Report - JLT & Pre-Season Hear from Hannah Greasley and Andrew Russell as they discuss all the latest injuries from the pre-season.

Hawks captain Jarryd Roughead has given an insight into what Hawthorn fans can expect from a few of his teammates this season.

Speaking to SEN Afternoons on Tuesday, Roughead touched on what some Hawks, both new and old, are likely to bring to the side in 2018.

Conor Glass

“He’s a guy that can run and use the ball well, like most Irish kids that come across they’ve got great skill both left and right foot and you just like to think that he can build on that and hopefully be a half backer that’s kicking it inside 50 and breaking lines which is what you want to see.

“He definitely can (play plenty of AFL this year). We saw, as you said, in the last six games last year how much he played and then he’s also played the second JLT game this year which shows he’s building and improving each week which is what you want to see from a kid who’s really only been involved in the game in (the last) two years.”

Jaeger O’Meara

“(He’s hoping for) Consistency.

“Every time you hear his name everyone thinks that it’s just he’s injured and his body’s no good but you look at the preseason he’s had he hasn’t really missed a beat, he’s played both JLT games as well as intraclub here and you just hope that the shackles are off and he can go and play footy without the cloud hanging over his head of every time he gets asked a question or anytime any Hawthorn person gets asked a question it’s ‘How’s Jaeger’s body going?’.

“At the end of the day just let the kid go and play footy he’s 23-24 years old let him just do what he’s been wanting to do since he was five or six years old.”

Jarman Impey

“(He brings) That excitement and I suppose in a way you’re not sure what you’re going to get because it’s exciting because, as you said, he didn’t do that at Port Adelaide and we’ve brought him across here and he’s playing in somewhat of a new position, it's more exciting than anything.

“If you’ve got Impey, Breust, Rioli and Puopolo putting some forward pressure on I think most teams are going to be thinking twice about whether they try and take any of those four guys on.”

Shaun Burgoyne

“He’s proven everyone wrong so far, everyone thought he had three years when he first came across (at the end of 2009).

“So to be able to do what he’s done in that time I think he’s set to play 200 club games at Hawthorn and his 350th in total so that just shows how durable and how well he looks after his body.

“But it wasn’t as if we was off the mark on the weekend, as you said he kicked 0.5 but the tackling and the pressure and the way that he got those shots on goal was pretty impressive for a bloke who has been training in defence all preseason.”


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