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Notice is hereby given that the 121st Annual General Meeting of the Hawthorn Football Club Limited (“Club”) will be held on Tuesday 12 December 2023 at Bunjil Bagora (Waverley Park), 3/2 Stadium Circuit, Mulgrave VIC 3170. The meeting will commence at 6.00pm AEDT.

The Annual General Meeting will be a hybrid meeting, with the option for Members to attend in person or online. Members who are unable to join the meeting in person or online can appoint a proxy by completing and returning a proxy form in accordance with the instructions included in this notice. 

Nick Holland
Company Secretary

20 November 2023




Ordinary Business

Item 1: To confirm the minutes of the 120th Annual General Meeting of the Club held on 13 December 2022  

Item 2: To receive and consider the 2023 Annual Financial Report, Directors’ Report, and Auditor’s Report for the year ending 31 October 2023

Item 3: To pass an ordinary resolution on the declaration of duly elected Directors

Item 4: To consider any other business that may be brought before the meeting in accordance with the company’s constitution and the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)


How to attend and vote

The Club will provide Members entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting with the option to attend in the following ways: 

a. By attending at the Annual General Meeting on the date, time and location specified in this notice. Due to limited seating, Members are required to pre-register their attendance. Registration can be made by visiting this link. Priority for attendance will be given to Voting Members. Members will need their Membership Number to register. Membership numbers can be found on the back of your membership card.

b. By attending by joining a video link. Instructions on how to join the meeting will be available via the Club’s website www.hawthornfc.com.au closer to the date

c. By appointing a proxy to attend at the Annual General Meeting on the date, time and location specified in this notice, by completing and returning a proxy form, together with any relevant power of attorney, to the Club by 5pm on Friday 8 December 2023.


It should be noted that there is no requirement for an election for the directors in 2023 because the number of eligible candidates standing is equal to the number of vacancies. Accordingly, those standing candidates will therefore be deemed to have been duly elected and will be declared duly elected at the Annual General Meeting.


Each Ordinary Member entitled to vote on the resolutions put forward under the ordinary business of the meeting can vote by:

a. physically attending and voting by a show of hands at the Annual General Meeting; 

b. appointing a proxy who will attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting on their behalf.


If you would like to attend and vote by proxy, please contact the Club to obtain a proxy form.  Alternatively, you can download a proxy form via this link and lodge it via the details below.

Lodgement by mail: Hawthorn Football Club, PO Box 829, Mount Waverley Victoria 3149

Lodgement by fax: (03) 9535 3050

Lodgement by email: hawthorn@hawthornfc.com.au


A proxy need not be a member of the Hawthorn Football Club.


Question time

A discussion will be held on all items to be considered at the Annual General Meeting. All members will have a reasonable opportunity to ask questions in advance of or during the Annual General Meeting (including an opportunity to ask questions of the Club's auditor). 

A link for submitting a question in advance of the Annual General Meeting was sent to Members entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Advance questions was submitted to the Club by 5pm on Friday 8 December 2023.

To ensure that as many members as possible have the opportunity to speak, members are requested to observe the following:

Relevant:All questions should be stated clearly and should be relevant to the business of the Annual General Meeting, including matters arising from the 2023 Annual Financial, Directors’ and Auditor’s Reports, and general questions about the performance, business or management of the Club.

Multiple questions: ​In order to allow a reasonable opportunity for all members to ask questions in the time provided, there will be a maximum of two questions per member permitted.

Confidential:Members should not ask questions at the Annual General Meeting regarding personal matters or those that are commercial in confidence.

The Club will attempt to address the more frequently asked questions in the President's presentation during the Annual General Meeting.


2023 Director Election

There is no requirement for an election for the directors in 2023 because the number of eligible candidates standing is equal to the number of vacancies. The following standing candidates are, in accordance with the constitution, deemed to have been duly elected and will be declared duly elected at the Annual General Meeting.



 With more than 30 years' experience working across the information technology, recruitment and banking industries, Owen is a strategic leader who is passionate about building high performing teams and creating personalised experiences to help chnage the way the world experiences property. 

Owen is currently CEO of REA Group, and prior to this he was REA’s Chief Financial Officer looking after all aspects of the finance portfolio including strategy, M&A and operations, as well as the Financial Services businesses.

Owen joined REA Group from Chandler MacLeod Group Ltd where he was Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary. He has previously held positions with ANZ and KPMG across Australia, Asia and the UK.

During his 15 years at ANZ, his roles included Chief Operating Officer of ANZ’s Institutional and Investment Bank, and Managing Director Retail Banking and International Partnerships Asia.

Owen is currently a director of PropertyGuru Pte. Ltd. Owen holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Computer Science from Deakin University.



Luke McCabe was appointed as Football Director on the club’s Board in February 2022.

McCabe, who played 138 games across a decade-long career for the Hawks, was awarded the role following a rigorous selection process.

Post football, McCabe has gone on to run a successful South Australian agriculture business.

Along with a strong entrepreneurial background, McCabe possesses a well-rounded perspective and deep understanding of football administration and the growth and development of women’s football.



Maria currently Chairs the Hawthorn Community Foundation, and has served for many years as a Hawthorn Football Club Foundation Director.

Maria is an experienced lawyer, chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser, specialising in providing strategic legal advice, wealth management and risk management.

She is an experienced leader with over 10 years of board experience, bringing a strong governance focus and strategic skills. She held the position of partner in the legal and tax practice of a large international professional services firm applying her legal and financial expertise.

She is well regarded for her strong client relationships, commitment to people development and excellent technical skills and is recognised by the International Tax Review in the Women in Tax Leaders and Tax Controversy Leaders categories.


Annual Report

As per the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Constitution of the Hawthorn Football Club Limited (“Club”), the Club is able to distribute its Annual Reports through electronic means. 

Taking this into account the Club will provide the 2023 Annual Report on our Official Club website. The Board strongly encourages voting members to download the 2023 Annual Report from the website. 

Download Hawthorn Football Club's 2023 annual report here.

Download Hawthorn's 2022 AGM Minutes here.

All voting members however, have the option of requesting a physical copy of the 2023 Annual Report by telephoning the Club on 03 9535 3000. 


Nick Holland
Company Secretary

20 November 2023