Hawthorn Football Club is one of five AFL teams to receive a Victorian Wheelchair Football League (VWFL) license. Governed by AFL Victoria, the Victorian Wheelchair Football League exists to provide an organised regular competition for the sport of AFL Wheelchair in Victoria, demonstrating what’s possible for people with a disability and that AFL can be everyone’s game.

Overview of Rules:

  • The game is played on a basketball court with 5 players on each team.
  • Matches consist of four x 10 minute quarters.
  • A handball is equivalent to a kick and a single handed underarm throw is equivalent to a handpass. There is no kicking in AFL Wheelchair.
  • There are designated zones (forward, centre, defence) which dictate where assigned players can play. Forwards and midfielders can score with a handball through goal posts and behind posts set up similar to the traditional game 
  • A player may stay in possession of the ball for a maximum of 3 pushes/changes of direction of the wheelchair, or cover 10 metres before bouncing the ball. 
  • Tackling is prohibited. The equivalent to a tackle is a touch with one hand. A player has two seconds or one push of the wheelchair to warrant prior opportunity, before holding the ball can be rewarded.