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Hawthorn members who sign-in to the app gain access to a Member Exclusive hub featuring members only content, a portal to our Member Rewards platform plus access to everything you need to get the most out of your Hawthorn membership.

Steps to sign-in

  • Open the Hawthorn App
  • Tap 'SIGN IN' in the nav dock
  • Login with your MyHawks membership account credentials, note:

- If you reset your password, your password reset email will take around 10 minutes to come through
- If you're setting a new password, ensure it's 6-64 characters long, with at least one number and NO symbols
- Email  if you're having issues and our team can assist

  • Once signed in, access our Member Exclusive Hub by returning to the SIGN IN page or the Hub promo on our app homepage
  • Make sure to enable notifications to receive Member First alerts


Our Hawthorn App is any Hawks fans' best friend for...

  • The latest club news and video
  • In-match team and player stats
  • Exclusive member content, including member first notifications (for those members signed in)
  • Games, wallpapers and stickers
  • Portal to membership and merchandise