Player War Service

This honour board is a comprehensive list of all known players from the Hawthorn Football Club who served their country in war.

Ten Hawthorn League players lost their lives in the Second World War, or died as a result as a result of war wounds, or war-related illness – Jack Drake, Alf Giblett, Bruce Hone, Alex Nash, Richard Pirrie, Jack Price, Len Thomas, Max Wheeler, Leo ‘Gus’ Young and Harold Zucker.

There were also a number of players who represented the Club in its days in the Metropolitan Junior Football Association (MJFA) and Victorian Football Association (VFA) who lost their lives on active duty in the First World War. Their names include Hugh Callan, John Collins, Don McConville, Joe Slater and Joseph Sorby.

The Club’s playing list for the MJFA, 1902 – 1913 are not complete and there is the possibility that more names will be added in time. If any family member can assist with the names not recorded, please contact the Hawks Museum.

World War 1


* MFJA: Metropolitan Junior Football Association

* VFA: Victorian Football Association

* VFL: Victorian Football League

Died on Active Service

Hugh Callan (MJFA) - ARMY
John Joseph Collins (MJFA) – ARMY
William Minifie Field (MJFA) - ARMY
Norman McLennan Forbes (MJFA) - ARMY
Don McConville, M.M. (VFA) – ARMY
Joseph Leo Skene (MJFA) - ARMY
Joe Slater (MJFA) - ARMY
Joseph Austin Sorby (VFA) - ARMY

Served World War 1

Percy John Abercrombie (MJFA) – ARMY
John Mitchell Allan (MJFA) - ARMY
Edwin Jon ‘Ted’ Alley (VFA) - ARMY
Aubrey Bickford (VFA) – ARMY
Robert Noel Bodington (MJFA) - ARMY
William Henry 'Harry' Bruce (VFA) - ARMY
Henry Campbell ‘Cam’ Brady (VFA) - ARMY
Patrick Lawrence ‘Lal’ Brady (VFA) - ARMY
Leslie John Carbarns (VFA/VFL) - ARMY
Matthew Joseph Collins M.S.M. (MJFA*) - ARMY
Timothy James Collins (MJFA) - ARMY
Thomas Crowe (VFA) – ARMY
Frederick John Finch (VFA/VFL) - ARMY
Neil Henry Gibson, M.M. – ARMY
Victor Bass Forsyth Gordon (VFA) - ARMY
Frank James Hanna (VFA) - ARMY
Frank Hurren (MDFA - HFC 'B' TEAM) - ARMY
James ‘Jim’ Jackson (VFA/VFL) - ARMY
A Johnson (VFA)
Clarence Lloyd Lethlean (VFA/VFL) - ARMY
Rupert Leslie Lowell (VFA) - ARMY
William ‘Bill’ Marchbank – ARMY
Alfred Stanley Dudley McKenzie – NAVY
Arthur Stanley Dudley McKenzie (VFL) - ARMY</br/> Len Mills - ARMY
Daniel Thomas ‘Dan’ Minogue (VFL) - ARMY
Albert Edward ‘Bert’ Officer (VFL) - ARMY
John Edward Renouf (MJFA) - ARMY
A. Robinson (VFA)
Alexander Salvado (VFA) - ARMY
James Seaton (VFA) - ARMY
G. Spencer (VFA)
John Thomas Stagoll (VFA) – ARMY
Henry Cyril Augustus Steele (VFA) - ARMY
Donald Sydney Sutherland (VFA) - ARMY
George Patrick Tory (VFA) - ARMY
Ernest ‘Tich’ Utting (VFA/VFL) – ARMY
Thomas Hugh Wade (VFA) - ARMY
Arthur Wilkinson (VFA) – ARMY
Hector Richard ‘Hec’ Yeomans M.M. (VFA/VFL) – ARMY

Records incomplete for the MJFA / VFA years 1902-1924

Served World War 1 and 2

John ‘Jack’ Brake (MJFA) – ARMY
Hubert James ‘Bert’ Calwell (VFL) - ARMY
Albert Edward Chadwick (VFL) – ARMY, RAAF

World War 2

Died on Active Service World War 2

Douglas Curphey (VFL 2nd 18) - ARMY
John Montague Drake - ARMY
Alfred Rowton Giblett - ARMY
Lyle Bruce Hone - ARMY
James Alexander Nash, D.F.M. - RAAF
Richard Michael Pirrie - RAN
John Frederick Price - ARMY
Leonard Thomas - ARMY
Geoffery Maxwell Wheeler - ARMY
Leo ‘Gus’ Young - ARMY
Harold Walter Zucher - ARMY

Served World War 2

Alec Albiston - ARMY
George Harold Albiston - ARMY
Neil James Allison - ARMY
Gordon Anderson - RAAF
Leonard William Andrews - ARMY
Gervais Colquoun ‘George’ Arnott - ARMY
Leslie Frank Asling - RAAF
Albert William ‘Bob’ Austen - ARMY
Colin Edward Austen - ARMY
Victor Cecil ‘Ces’ Austen - RAAF
Allan Baldwin - ARMY
Royston William Baldwin - ARMY
Alan Louis Baralli - ARMY
Frederick John Austin Barker - ARMY
John Myler Frederick Barnes - RAAF
Geoffrey Herbert Barwick - ARMY
Reginald Armstrong Bell - ARMY
Jack Blackman - RAN
James Joseph Vincent Bohan - ARMY
Frank Vincent Booth - ARMY
Brendan Norman Brady - ARMY
Jack Brain - ARMY
Wallace Handley Bristowe - RAAF
William Edward Browne - ARMY
Hilton Edward Buckney - ARMY
Thomas Stephen Calwell - RAAF
William Carey - ARMY
John Henry Carmody - ARMY
Geoffrey Edwin Cartledge - ARMY
Gilbert Edwin Cartwright - ARMY
Allan Chandler - RAAF
John Bernard Francis Cleary - RAAF
Albert John ‘Jack’ Clements - ARMY
Arthur Clements - RAAF
Leo Joseph Clements - ARMY
Clifford Noel Colling - RAAF
Leo Michael Connors – ARMY, RAAF
Laurence Osmaston Cordner  - ARMY
Walter Henry Culpitt - RAAF
Francis Edward Curran - ARMY
Kevin Stanley Curran - ARMY
Francis Lawrence Cutter - ARMY
Frederick William Terence ‘Tom’ Davey - ARMY
Reginald Davies - RAAF
Howard Maxwell Day - ARMY
Frederick Arthur De Abel - ARMY
Vincent Joseph Anthony Doherty - RAAF
James Francis Donnellan - ARMY
Ernest Stanley Elder - ARMY
Russ Elliott- ARMY
David William Elliman - ARMY
Reginald Farrant - ARMY, RAAF
Thomas James Ferguson - RAAF
Cashen Noel Fitzgerald - ARMY
Edgar James ‘Ted’ Fletcher - RAN
Sydney Frederick Francis - RAAF
Alan Samson Fuller - ARMY
Bob Furler - RAAF
Norman Leslie Goss (Snr) - ARMY
Bert Graham - ARMY
Frederick William Percy Hansen - RAN
Johnny Hall - ARMY
Stuart Hamilton - ARMY / RAAF
John Dennis Harris - ARMY
Ronald William Harris - RAAF
John Warwick Hester - ARMY
James Kevin Hevey - ARMY
Norman Thomas Hillard - RAAF
Allan Thomas Hird - ARMY
Albert Mosely Hodges - ARMY
Kenneth Leslie Hopper - RAAF
Reginald Horkings – ARMY, RAAF
Leslie William Hughson - ARMY
Henry Joseph Jacobs - ARMY
John Francis Jobson - ARMY
Harvey David Johnson - ARMY
Lionel Oldfield Johnston - RAAF
Frederick George Jones – ARMY
Patrick Alphonsus Kennedy - ARMY
Kevin James Landrigan - ARMY
James Henry Logan - RAAF
Clarence Alexander Lonsdale - ARMY
Frank Seymour Luckins - ARMY
John Joseph Lyons - ARMY
Kenneth Andrew Mace - ARMY
Harold Robert Maskell - ARMY
Leonard Josiah Maxwell - RAAF
James Leonard McCashney - ARMY
Albert Thomas McComb - ARMY
John McCormick - (VFA) RAAF
Vic McKinnon - RAAF
Charles Malcolm McGillivray - ARMY
John Maxwell ‘Jack’ McLeod - RAAF
Donald Clarence McVilly – MERCHANT NAVY
Edward Leslie Meade - RAN
Thomas James Mercer - ARMY
Robert Bennett Milgate - ARMY
Albert Edward Mills - ARMY
Arthur William Mills - RAAF
Daniel Henry Moloney - RAAF
William Milne Moore - ARMY
James Morgan - RAAF
Alton Harry Mort - RAAF
Gordon Munro - ARMY
Kenneth William Munro – ARMY, RAAF
Robert James Neate - ARMY
Kenneth William Newton, M.C. - ARMY
Frank Nolan - ARMY
Cyril Edwin Henry Nott - RAAF
John ‘Peter’ O’Donohue - RAN
Stanley Gordon Ogden - ARMY
Kenneth Onley - ARMY
John Leslie Pabst - ARMY
Ronald Paternoster - ARMY
Neil Alan Pearson - RAAF
Clive Alexander Philp – RAAF
Len Philips - (VFA) ARMY
Charles Thomas Pierce - ARMY
Kevin James Pirrie - ARMY
Albert Edward Prior - ARMY
Francis Joseph Prowse - ARMY
Viv Randall - ARMY
William Dudley Ripper - ARMY
William Haigh Robinson – ARMY, RAAF
Roy Albert Rodda - ARMY
Thomas Desmond Rowe - ARMY
George Rudolph - (VFA) ARMY
Louis George Anthony Salvas - ARMY
Ralph Curtis Shalless – ARMY, RAAF
Keith Gordon Sharpley - RAAF
Thomas John Sharpley - RAAF
Edmond Shea - RAAF
Ernest Richard Glenister Sheil - RAAF
James Morgan Sinclair - RAAF
Thomas Robert Spear - ARMY
Frank William Cape Stewart - RAAF
Stuart Gilchrist Stewart - ARMY
Joseph William Sutherland - ARMY
Herbert Carey Tregutha Sutton - ARMY
Clarence Adair Swenson – ARMY
Percival Albert Tantau (VFA) - ARMY
Roly Tasker - ARMY
Ralph John Taylor - ARMY
William Charles Stewart Taylor - RAAF
Harold Joseph Turner - RAAF
Fredrick William West ARMY
Raymond Edward James Whelan - ARMY
James Stephen White - RAN
Reg Whitehead - RAAF
Wally Williams - ARMY
Matthew Alfred Wilkins - ARMY
Len Wolf - ARMY

Korean War

John Andrew McGreevy - ARMY

National Service 1951 – 1972

Graham Francis Arthur - ARMY
Frank Considine - ARMY
Graham Stanley Cooper - ARMY
John Patrick Dineen - ARMY
Brendan Cornelius Edwards - ARMY
John William Elward - ARMY
Brian Terence Falconer - ARMY
Alan Frederick Fanning - RAN
Clarence Steadman Hay - ARMY
Ian John Hinks - ARMY
Rodney Alfred Horrocks - RAAF
Geoffery Benjamin Howells - ARMY
Brian Eugene Kann - ARMY
Norman Leslie Maginness - ARMY
Ian Wallace Mathers - ARMY
Clarence Ian McCann - ARMY
Ian Carnegie Mort - ARMY
Peter O’Shea - ARMY
Ian Pearson - ARMY
Norman Walter John Smith - ARMY
Paul McDonough Sullivan - RAN
Noel Hepburn Voight - ARMY
Keith Edwin White - ARMY
Allan George Woodley - ARMY
Ray Yeoman - ARMY