Pay it Forward.

*Any donations over $2 made directly to the Hawthorn Football Club Foundation are 100% tax deductible.

We are the 'Family Club' in name and in nature.

As a family, we not only celebrate the wins together, but we ride the bumps together too.

At present, we are faced with an enormous challenge, both as a club and a community. During these unprecedented times we want to enable an avenue for Hawthorn people to support one another.

The ‘Pay it Forward’ fund is a place where those who are able to, can contribute financially to support the club and those who are experiencing hardship during these times. Essentially, Hawthorn people helping Hawthorn and its people. 

Whether it’s covering the cost of a membership for a fellow member, bringing joy to Hawkers in need or supporting Hawthorn’s community programs, all Pay it Forward donations will ensure the Hawthorn family continues to thrive.