Box Hill returned to the winners' list on Saturday, securing a 57-point win over the Northern Bullants.

Box Hill Coach Zane Littlejohn has given his review of how each senior-listed Hawk performed in the clash.

Cam Mackenzie (30 disposals, 1 goal, 8 tackles, 6 marks, 3 clearances)

"Cam had another really good, all-round performance. He was able to find the footy, have 30 disposals. It was a great learning for the young man where the opposition actually sent a player to him. So to find 30 touches, plus the eight tackles and six uncontested marks is really pleasing for the young lad. He had a nice balance of contested and uncontested possession and was able to hit the scoreboard. It's a really nice, all-round game for a bloke in his first year on an AFL list. There were some great signs from Cam, he's come back to VFL level and just approached it with the right attitude and willingness to want to get better."

Cooper Stephens (26 disposals, 1 goal, 7 clearances)

"I think it was his best game for the footy club he has played so far. He was strong inside and again, he had a really nice balance between contested and uncontested possessions. We saw some real bursts from stoppage, he was able to hit the scoreboard again and he was really tough again inside. He has great energy."

Max Ramsden (22 disposals, 5 marks, 35 hit-outs) 

"Maxy obviously comes back from AFL level and gets the number one ruck spot, which is the first time he has done that for the footy club at VFL level. He took the opportunity with both hands which is full credit to the young man. He has had 22 disposals which included 10 clearances and nine free kicks for, which shows how nervous the opposition were about him when he was around the ball or in the marking contest, attacking the ball at the highest point. He's a deadly target, so a great performance with the right attitude after being disappointed to not be playing AFL footy."

Ned Long (21 disposals, 7 marks, 4 tackles, 4 clearances)

"Longy played a bit of inside and outside minutes. He managed to maintain his balance around contest, which is important for him but then we were able to see his real running power which we know he can bring. He can really challenge the opposition with that run, which is really pleasing. He finishes with eight score involvements and arguably could have finished with a few goals himself. A good performance from Longy."

Bailey Macdonald (17 disposals, 7 marks, 1 tackle)

"It was a really exciting game from Bailey, we saw his weapons across all four quarters. His ability to try to energise the ball and add some real excitement to our play was really pleasing in what could have otherwise been a bit of a dull game after quarter time. But he was one where you could really tell, he was trying to give that energy on the ball. After what was a disappointing game from him against Casey last week, his ability to bounce back and not put two disappointing performances together in a row was great and should give him a lot of confidence moving forward." 

Sam Butler (4 goals, 17 disposals, 6 marks) 

"Butsy had a very good game again. His ability to sniff a goal and get out the back was really pleasing but the thing that was most pleasing about his game was how he kicked his goals - some snaps, some tackle pressure, a contested mark. So his ability to hit the scoreboard via multiple ways, including 10 score involvements, was great. He also handed one off which could have been his fifth which I think says a bit and he led that in what was a really promising element to our entire team's play on the weekend. He used the ball well, he was tough inside and then he finished his work so that was great."

Josh Bennetts (1 goal, 17 disposals, 6 marks)

"A nice solid performance from Joshy, where he was back to his reliable best. Like Bailey Macdonald, he didn't have his best game last week but a great part of a player's development is their ability to bounce back and not be consistently putting in poor performances. He was able to rediscover that reliability again on the weekend - high disposals, hit the scoreboard and we saw his workrate and energy to link up the play again which is the JB we've seen in the early stages of his career. We're excited by him and he doesn't look out of place at VFL level as he continues to progress really nicely."

Jack O'Sullivan (16 disposals, 3 tackles)

"You look at the stat sheet and it wasn't Jack's highest possession game, but the thing we loved as coaches was his selflessness, constantly bringing others into the game. Jack grew other players' game around him. He's finished in the teens disposal-wise but his ability to bring others into the game was really pleasing. He could have hit the scoreboard but gave other guys the opportunity who were in better spots. He was also tough for a young fella, he certainly doesn't shirk the issue with his toughness and his contest and pressure was really pleasing on the day."

Jacob Koschitzke (1 goal, 15 disposals, 4 marks, 11 hit-outs)

"He started the game a little bit scratchy, and he left a few opportunities out there. But what was pleasing with Kos was that he was able to work his way into the game really nicely. His movement, his leading patterns, his leadership with the other forwards down there was really pleasing. He didn't get outmarked, he was able to bring the ball to ground which allowed the likes of Butler, Bennetts and O'Sullivan to get in there and crumb and then hit the scoreboard for us. Sometimes that's just what you need a big guy to go and do, create a contest, and Kosi was able to do that as well as go into the ruck and provide a bit in there."

Henry Hustwaite (15 disposals, 6 marks)

"It was arguably Henry's best game for the footy club, he looked really comfortable. He played the majority of his minutes down back again but he looked really comfortable down there which was good. His ball use, his toughness - he had to go back with the flight a couple of times to mark the footy which was great - so he was real pleasing in that space and he should get real confidence off the back of that. He used the ball well. We're working with Henry on his energy and ability to use his legs which we're starting to see in his game."

Denver Grainger-Barras (15 disposals, 8 marks)

"Denver started the game extremely well, he took a lot of marks off the opposition and gave great energy as a defender. He used the ball really well, he finished with a 92 per cent disposal efficiency. He took some great marks which is great for our defenders in their ability to set up from that play. So, he was nice and assertive which was really pleasing for Denver."

Josh Morris (12 disposals, 4 marks)

"Joshy Morris' energy early on offence was great. He got a bit fatigued as the game went on, and he got caught out a couple of times late in quarters. His ability to help out his teammates is pleasing so he has got to continue to focus on providing options and challenging his opposition when he gets tired."

Fionn O'Hara (6 disposals)

"Fionn was back after a couple of weeks out. It was another great learning day for Fionn, as he spent much of his day up on the wing. He has great athleticism, so we saw him getting out and using his speed a couple of times which is really pleasing. The education is just around understanding the game and how he needs to position himself in certain circumstances."

James Blanck (2 disposals)

"You look at the statsheet and you don't think Blancky had mmuch of an impact but he really did. We gave him a key match-up on arguably their best player, their best forward in Ryan. I thought Ryan got the best of Blancky in the first quarter where he wasn't physical enough with him and a bit passive. But then after quarter time Blancky's ability to bounce back was great and they had to move Ryan into the ruck which is where we preferred him to play. Full credit to him for being able to respond but he has to learn to play on the good players like that and not give them the start."

Emerson Jeka (1 disposal) 

"Unfortunately Jek has got injured again with another hamstring. I actually thought up until his injury, although he hadn't had much of the footy, he was presenting and providing contests quite well. He left a few out there in terms of dropped marks but he didn't stop providing options for us as we were coming out of defence or out of the midfield. Like Kosi, as key forwards, they didn't give up and gave our smalls some opportunities in his time out there. It's disappointing for Jek but he stayed upbeat and got around the boys after the injury which was great."

And the VFL shout-outs?

Cal Porter

"He was really disappointed with his game last week, but he responded superbly this week. His inside and outside game, he finished with 10 clearances, he had a great leaders game. He was tough inside. It's new to him, being a full-time leader, but he hasn't shirked the issue and he's helped to galvanise the VFL and AFL groups together. It's a great outcome for him."

Jaylen Thorpe

"We've got six games out of Thorpey now which is great. He has kicked another three on the weekend as well as seven score involvements and arguably took mark of the year! But it's just his ability to continue to support his teammates and give great options - if they go to him, he will give a great account of himself every time."