Box Hill Coach Zane Littlejohn has reviewed the performances of every AFL listed Hawk following their recent win against the Sandringham Zebras.

Jack Scrimshaw (31 disposals, 1 goal, 13 marks)

"Scrim came back to our group and really led from the front - he finished with 31 disposals, 10 score involvements and hit the scoreboard himself. It's great when you've got a defender who can get up the ground and hit the scoreboard, but also defend the ground really well. We were rapt to have him back in our group and more importantly at how he was able to perform, his attitude towards the whole group was fantastic on the day."

Denver Grainger-Barras (5 goals, 11 disposals, 6 marks)

"The discussion ahead of the game was around keeping Denver forward and growing that area of his game, and he was able to contribute really well in the front half. He had some really good contested marking moments, he took three contested marks inside 50 which is a great reward. What we know with Denver is he is a beautiful kick of the footy so he was able to make sure he made the most of those opportunities he got. He'll continue to work on his craft as a forward and finding other avenues, rather than just the contested marking. He provides unbelievable energy. We love his competitiveness and what he's able to give."

Harry Morrison (23 disposals, 9 marks)

"Harry spent the day across half back and helped set us up with his ball use. We don't undervalue the importance of his leadership among our group and what he is able to provide in that space. He helps us get set up structurally and makes sure we defend the ground and rebound as well."

Fergus Greene (1 goal, 9 disposals, 2 tackles)

"You look at Ferg's stats sheet and it could've been a really good day. He kicked 1.3 and had six score involvements, but what I was really impressed with Ferg was his pressure. But yes, we want to see him kick those goals, if he finished with four it would've been a really solid game. But unfortunately he wasn't able to finish in front of goal, and they're goals that he knows he is able to kick. It's not a trend, it's just a one off for Ferg, and we hope that can turn into 3.1 or four straight in the coming weeks and that he continues to find the form that we know he can provide. He is dangerous, he provides opportunity for other forwards as he draws their defenders to him because het gets into such dangerous spots and allows them to get off the leash. Ferg's pressure was a positive from the day."

Ned Long (25 disposals, 1 goal, 10 tackles, 9 clearances)

"Longy was a beast all day, 10 tackles, nine clearances and hit the scoreboard too. It was a really nice balanced game from him, in and out. 13 contested and 13 uncontested possessions, but it was his work rate and his toughness around the contest that really stood out with Longy all day, we were stoked with how he was able to have an even contribution to the team."

Emerson Jeka (20 disposals, 9 marks)

"Jek has put together a really good month of footy after coming back from his injury. He really has been able to own his role and his position in defence again. He has taken the nine marks, two of which were contested. He had to play on some real genuine talls at times, but then slide across to the medium smalls as well when we needed him too. We should be really excited with what Jeks is showing, he's got to be really consistent, he's finding form at the right end of the year."

Cooper Stephens (19 disposals, 6 marks, 4 tackles)

"Coop would openly say that he started the game slowly, but then finished the game strongly when we needed a response and be in a position to really put the game away. Coop was able to do that. He played the majority of the day on ball, but his last quarter he finished with 10 or 11 disposals. His work rate all day was really strong. He was able to finish with 19, but nine of them were in score involvements which was really pleasing."

Jai Serong (18 disposals, 5 marks)

"Jai had another really strong game, he spent a majority of the day on Tim Membrey who returned from injury for Sandringham and he was set up really well with the play and get that role done, and I'd arguably say he got the chocolates on the day. He's been able to play games where he has had to play on opposition, and then games where he has been able to have a free flowing game as well. He kept Membrey to nine touches and the one goal, which is a great job by Jai and shows he is able to be really versatile in his defensive post."

Bailey Macdonald (18 disposals, 9 marks)

"Consistent and reliable - they are the words I come to with Bailey. He's had his 18 touches and used it at 94 per cent, his disposal efficiency is becoming a lot more consistent which is great. Again, he had some really good run and dash and some really tough defensive moments as well. He's developing nicely, he's just got to keep being consistent in that area and make sure he is using speed in both offence and defence."

Sam Butler (18 disposals, 4 tackles)

"Although he didn't kick a goal, he provided a lot of energy in particularly within our forward half, he had the four tackles too so some great pressure, get three clearances as well. But more importantly, he had 10 score involvements, which is great from him. We love to see him hitting the scoreboard, but as long as he's being involved in scoring chains is really important for our forward half."

Josh Bennetts (17 disposals, 1 goal, 6 marks, 4 tackles)

"Josh started the game on fire. He was really lively and we went into the breeze in the first quarter, and he was one of the real players to work his backside off to keep us in the contest early in the game. He had a couple shots early, and hit the scoreboard 1.2 and again, like Bailey he is becoming really consistent and reliable in his role. We love what Josh is able to provide. He helps link the back half to the forward half, he's a really valuable player in that spot."

Jacob Koschitzke (15 disposals, 1 goal, 5 marks, 5 hit-outs)

"Kosi spent some time in the ruck and forward, he was able to provide some real leadership when he went on ball for us in the ruck. He was able to give a good contest - they had Tom Campbell in there in the second half who is a big man, I thought Kosi was able to go in there and really set the scene in the third quarter in the first centre bounce, he got over Campbell and followed up really well which was pleasing. That's exciting to see that come to fruition for Kosi in the ruck. His forward craft was okay as well, he hit the scoreboard and took five marks. He was able to get around the ground and provide a contest. He is showing some great signs in that forward ruck role."

Josh Morris (14 disposals) 

"Josh was able to get involved in some more Hawks ball this week. What I love about Josh is that when he is playing on an opposition and he's showing the real toughness, and competitive side that's when he is able to play his best footy. That then translates into him being able to get the ball as well. He hit the scoreboard, kicked a long behind which is great to see our backs getting dangerous and being an offensive weapon as well. It was a great return for Tank, he is starting to find a little bit of form at the right end of the year."

Max Ramsden (12 disposals, 11 hit-outs)

"Rama returned after a couple of weeks out, and he was great. He started in the ruck and got around the ground really well. He was able to provide some good contests, in particular when he went forward. He was probably a bit stiff to not get paid a few marks, but still finished the game with three, one contested. Ideally we'd like to see more reward for him inside 50, but he's developing in that role. The first game back after a couple weeks off, we expect Max to continue to build and push for a senior selection in the backend of the year."

Clay Tucker (3 disposals, 8 hit-outs) 

"Tuck spent a little more time up forward and in the ruck this week. Playing against an experienced VFL ruck in Campbell, and Keeler who is a young up and coming ruck for the Saints, it was a good challenge for Tuck. It was good to see him spend a bit more time forward this week and help draw the ball a bit deeper for us when we needed to."

The Box Hill shoutouts...

Jake Arundell

"It was 'Snakes' for game for us for the year, and he did exactly what we wanted him to come in and do. He played as a small forward he had his 11 disposals at 82 per cent efficiency and two tackles. We'd probably like a little bit more pressure there, but he was really opportunistic to finish with three goals, from nine score involvements. So a good return, and some good faith he's paid back to the coaches for showing a bit of faith in him."

Ed Phillips

"Ed played against his old team, and was arguably the best player on the ground alongside Scrimshaw and Brown. We moved Ed on ball late into the last quarter and he was able to provide some great drive, he kicked two goals and had 25 disposals so it was really promising and we love what he was able to give. He is very flexible he can play inside and outside, and runs really smartly."