Box Hill fell to a fourth loss on the season on Saturday, going down to an in-form Footscray by 20 points. 

Coach Zane Littlejohn has given his review of how each AFL listed Hawk performed in the clash. 

Fergus Greene (3 goals, 10 disposals, 4 marks)

"Six shots on goal is a great return against his old mob, which is always nice. He faded out a little bit later in the game, as I've mentioned to kick 3.3, it could've been 4.2. But still it's a nice return from Ferg, he looked dangerous and took some good marks inside 50 and some one-on-one contest marks which was great."

Lachy Bramble (28 disposals, 7 marks, 4 clearances)

"Brambs provided heaps of energy across the whole day. He was able to provide plenty of run and carry across half back. You can't fault his effort across the day, he finished with 28 disposals, four clearances and six rebound 50s as well which is really pleasing. His overall energy and effort across the day was a clear stand-out among the group."

Lloyd Meek (1 goal, 6 disposals, 5 tackles, 19 hit-outs)

"It was a really disappointing day for Meeky. He finished with just the six disposals and the one kick which was a goal. He took a nice mark inside forward 50 to kick his goal which was great - that was an area that he has been working on so great reward for him in that space. He got his hands to a lot of the football, but just was unable to hold on to it. But as we know, Meeky will work really hard to bounce back this week and have a really good performance."

Cam Mackenzie (19 disposals, 7 tackles, 5 clearances)

"It wasn't 'Frenchie's' best day, he was a little bit off in and around his contest and with his stoppage craft. But again, it was a great learning and development for him to spend a lot of time in and around the centre bounces coming up against players like Toby McLean who is a premiership player. It's a great learning for him, it's great development he'll take a lot of growth from that opportunity. His output probably wasn't at the level he would like to, but that's part of development."

Henry Hustwaite (20 disposals, 9 tackles, 5 clearances)

"Henry returned from his ankle injury and early on he was really good around the contest. Naturally though when you've been out for a few weeks you fatigue later in the game, but I was really impressed by his toughness. He finished with nine tackles, five clearances, 11 contested possessions out of his 20 disposals which was really pleasing. He spent some time out on the wing as well, which is really important for his development to continue to learn and show his ability to play a variety of roles."

Tyler Brockman (1 goal, 12 disposals) 

"Brocky looked as though he lacked a little bit of energy on the weekend, he didn't bring his normal spark. He had just the one tackle, he kicked a goal, but we would've loved to see him chase, pressure and bring that energy that we've seen him bring at AFL-level this year. We need to get that out of him now, so we can see it again hopefully before the year is out."

Josh Bennetts (1 goal, 18 disposals, 6 marks)

"Josh's work rate was exceptional. He provides great outlet as a high forward, the next step for Josh's game is now providing the pressure. For a small forward not to have a tackle, that's an area of the game that he would obviously like to improve in. But he had 18 touches, eight score involvements, one goal, which was a nice return. He provides great energy and a link between all three lines, to connect our back half to the forward half."

Jai Serong (16 disposals, 5 marks, 3 tackles)

"Jai started the game pretty slow, but worked his way into it really nicely and was able to have great impact and influence on the game. He showed an ability to win his own ball and move the ball. He also showed some great defensive efforts, and went to press at times. He has really learned the defensive role really well and has a nice balance between defending and getting involved in Hawks ball as well. So another solid performance from Jai after a slow start."

Cooper Stephens (15 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles)

"Coop played predominantly across half forward and then spent some time on ball as well. We've said this all year, Coop's toughness is what makes him shine and is one of his real weapons and he was able to show that within the contest. But as a half forward it's a tough day when the ball isn't getting to you, we lost the clearance quite convincingly, we lost the territory battle so not a great day for a half forward in that space."

Ned Long (15 disposals, 8 tackles) 

"It was a quieter day for Ned he laid the eight tackles, but had just the 15 touches. He really struggled to get his hands on the ball around clearance. He showed some tough moments, but other moments where ideally he would've liked to be cleaner and have better ball security. He spent some time inside and on the wing, but again it just was not the game he would've liked, and what we would've liked to see from him, so a bit below his expectations."

Emerson Jeka (15 touches, 6 marks)

"Jek had some really good moments and really disappointing moments. We saw him just switch off and not stay alert for the whole quarter. But then had some really nice moments where he was able to win his own ball and use it really well, which is what we love. His growth now will be in terms of showing consistency throughout the whole game, not having the peaks and troughs. He needs to make sure he is staying switched on and alert for the whole quarter and then resets himself in the breaks to then go again in the next quarter."

Sam Butler (11 disposals, 4 tackles)

"Only just the two kicks from Buts, he was in and out of the game a bit. He looked like an AFL player at times, but also just looked a little confused between decisions to kick the goal or bring his teammates into the game. So as coaches we'll keep working with him in that space. The four tackles however is better, which is what we want to see from our small forwards."

Max Ramsden (10 disposals, 4 marks, 17 hit-outs)

"Rama started in the ruck, he did some okay things, took some okay marks around the ground but unfortunately was probably beaten collectively across the whole day in the ruck. A great development day for him nonetheless against a quality VFL ruckman."

Josh Morris (9 disposals)

"Josh was pretty solid, although not huge numbers on the stats sheet. He had some really good contest wins and was able to get involved in some Hawks ball as well. As the small lockdown defender, he was pretty tough in the contest, three tackles, which is good for Josh to find some continuity in the backend of the season come finals we hope he can continue to develop and find good form."

Clay Tucker (2 disposals)  

"Clay spent the day forward. He took a nice mark early and had a shot on goal early which was great. For Clay, it is now about playing consistently and being able to compete in every contest he is at, making sure every single contest is his best contest. It was a good development for him to spend some time forward this week and show other elements to his game, not just his ruck craft. We'll continue to work on developing a second string to his game."