Hawthorn’s 2023 AFLW Indigenous Guernsey has been unveiled ahead of the club’s Round 7 clash with Sydney and Round 8 clash with Richmond for Indigenous Round.

The guernsey was designed by proud Woi-Wurrung Wurundjeri and Yorta-Yorta artist Simone Thomson and is titled ‘Ballerrt Ngawan’ meaning strong sun. 

Thomson tells the story of the guernsey below:

The Eaglehawk, Bunjil soars in front of the burning rising sun keeping watch over Country, this is his creation; the land and the waterways. He is keeping watch over community and protecting them, you can hear his song in the wind as he calls for all to gather for Ceremony.

The sun is the ‘giver of life’, it’s strength and power are symbolised by the central Meeting Place in which the Club comes together to Bunjil Bagora, guarded under the protective wings of Bunjil. The Meeting Place represents the fierce strength of the Club and their bond as a family, they are united and one. It’s bright shining rays stretch from each corner of Country, from the north to the south and the east to the west – these are the journey tracks of the players coming for Ceremony over mountain–valley and water countries.

Figures to the left and right of the sun represent the female warriors meeting for Ceremony, they are the players joining for this special game of Marngrook, the football game made of a possum skin ball game played amongst both men and women for hours at a time, barefoot. The women are shaped as shields – they symbolise the strength in both body and spirit, their role is equally important in this game – they are leaders.

Bunjil’s caves are depicted by the lower hilly mounds in which he rests after Ceremony. They are a sign of respect to the Woi-Wurrung Wurundjeri People and our connection to his creation.

The ‘u’ and ‘n’ symbols above the rising sun represent the male and female players of the Hawthorn Football Club. They are ‘One Club’, they are connected. The male symbol holds a spear and shield, and the female holds a digging stick and coolamon, their roles are equally important in Community – they are Family.

Check out the 2023 AFLW Indigenous Guernsey via Hawks Nest, our merchandise store HERE.

Simone Thomson is pictured above with Kaitlyn Ashmore, Mattea Breed and Janet Baird.

Hawthorn's Indigenous Round fixtures 


Sydney v Hawthorn 

Saturday 14 October 

3.05pm AEDT, Henson Park 


Hawthorn v Richmond 

Friday 20 October

6.45pm AEST, Cazaly's Stadium