With 2023 now coming to a close, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on some of our favourite game day pictures across the AFL season.

In no particular order, check out the flicks below.

1. Duo share milestone match 

2. A special jumper swap

3. THAT win against Brisbane

4. Our first taste of Gather Round 

5. Mitch Lewis back kicking snags 

6. Sis' the skipper


8. A hug to make you smile 

9. Winning Retro Round

10. Sam the coach, Sam the dad

11. CJ's insane celebration 

12. Your support!

13. Moorey!

14. A special welcome for Amon 

15. We're a happy team at Hawthorn

16. Our first win of the season

17. Weddle's energy

18. Winning smiles :)

19. Jumping for joy

20. This connection

21. A passionate Jars

22. Scrim kicking goals

23. That winning feeling