Club Legend Don Scott and family visited the Hawks Museum recently.  Don’s nine-year-old grandson, Will loves footy.  His mother, Don’s daughter Louise, together with Club Director, Anne-Marie Pellizzer arranged a visit to the museum for Will and sister Edie to learn more about their grandpop’s footballing legacy with the Hawks.

Within the walls of the museum - with Andy Collins assisting the museum staff - Don’s grandchildren first encountered the Premiership Cabinet featuring Don Scott’s outstanding leadership in the 1971, 1976 and 1978 Flags.  They then spotted the Best & Fairest Wall - their grandpop won the B&F award in 1973 - and then the ‘They played 100 games or more’ display, Don ranks seventh on 302 games.  

Will was wide eyed and grinned with pride when he saw the life-sized Legends Portrait of his grandpop with his then flowing dark black mullet in the museum foyer.  When they saw Don’s guernsey in the Legends Cabinet, Will and Edie quietly beamed with delight. 

The tour came to an end when they were shown the guernsey that Grandpop held up for all to see at the now-famous 1996 Merger Meeting at the Camberwell Town Hall when he removed the gold Velcro stripes from the Melbourne guernsey.

Later that day, the museum received a message from Don’s daughter Louise, ‘I just wanted to sincerely thank you for hosting Will, Edie, Dad, and myself this morning.  It was truly above and beyond expectation and I feel very touched and humble at the lengths everyone went to in sharing the Hawthorn spirit and Dad’s legacy with the kids.  Edie and Will both marvelled over the experience on the drive home saying it was the best day ever and they both said they’ll never forget it.  Thank you for being so welcoming and for making precious experiences for my kids, and my Dad’. 

Club Legend Don Scott and family visited the Hawks Museum - You can visit the Hawks Museum during Family Day on Saturday February 17, from 11am to 2pm.

Family Days at Hawthorn are something rather special for all Hawk Fans.  They are days that brings the whole club together prior to the start to the footy season.

Family Day came about through the vision of former player, Brian Kann, a member of the Club’s Finance Committee, who introduced the day in the early 1970s in order to raise much needed funds for the Club.  Kann’s vision enabled the Club to enjoy a stronger financial footing.  He was awarded Life Membership in 1981, served as the HFC Social Club President and was Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017.  He also gained lasting fame as the Captain of the Reserves 1958 and 1959 Premierships. 

Family Day also fostered stronger bonds with the team, the officials and the membership base.  This was the era prior to VFL Clubs embracing sponsorship in the late 1970s. Club logos are now front and centre on the players guernseys, track suits and footballs.  Family Day still fosters those bonds with all Hawks.