We’ve condensed the key points from Senior Coach Sam Mitchell’s post-game press conference following his side’s Easter Monday loss to Geelong.

On his side’s performance:

"I thought we were really consistent throughout the night. They had two patches of the game where they were able to hit the scoreboard too easily. They scored from turnover from our half a bit too easily. We gave up the two runs of goals and that was the story of the game, but there were some positives to come out of it – we won the inside 50 count, our clearances were better, we broke even at centre bounce, but we just couldn’t stop them scoring.”

On the 40-minute severe weather delay:

"Believe it or not, our General Manager of Football Operations Max Bailey, actually predicted it. (He said pre-game) if that happens, how do we want to handle it? So, we knew it was possible, we knew the process, the AFL were quite strong with it. The game between Brisbane and Melbourne (had a delay), so we knew there was a process in place with the lightning. Thirty minutes, new game, six goals down, try and change a couple of things, see if you can get the game on your terms. I thought the energy in the stadium was fantastic. I was rapt that there were still a lot of people there. The noise as we started to get a bit of momentum, it felt like anything could happen, but they were a little bit too polished and a bit too good.”

On Mitch Lewis’ hamstring injury:

"I had a chat to him at the long break. He said it could be a cramp, it could be a corkie, it could be a hamstring injury. He was able to play for a while after it happened, so maybe there is some positivity. He was already a little bit sore, but he probably would have come off, but he noticed our sub was already activated and out there, so he tried to see if he could keep going. But we will wait and get scans and see what it is."

On the club’s upcoming Gather Round game:

“We play again in six days over in Adelaide against the Pies… all of our players have to be able to back up the strength of passion that they played with on Monday. I think if we play the way we did and with the intent we did, we’re going to win a fair few games of footy.”

Watch the full post-match press conference below.