Box Hill went two from two on Saturday afternoon, accounting for Geelong with a 14.14 (98) to 0.2 (2) victory at GMHBA Stadium.

The Hawks now sit on top of the ladder with their first home game to come this weekend against Collingwood.

VFLW Coach Michael Ericson was pleased with another solid performance against the Cats.

“It was a good win. We probably started a little slower than what we wanted to this week and our kicking probably hurt us a little bit early but we did really well to get into the game,” Ericson said.

“By the end of the game, we were seeing a lot of the things that we’ve been working on at training implemented continuously so that was a positive and obviously, the scoreboard was reflective of the work rate and effort they put in throughout the game.”

Ericson also reviewed all 11 AFLW-listed players who ran featured for the brown and gold while giving a few shout-outs to some VFLW-listed stars.

Emily Bates (One goal, 31 disposals, seven clearances, seven inside 50s, five tackles)

“Batesy was fantastic again. She just gives that leadership around the contest playing as that inside midfielder. She also kicked the first goal for the game which set the tone for her. Batesy worked hard all day… and just kept punching the ball inside 50 and giving our forwards a good look. It's been fantastic to have her playing with us and educating our younger players.”

Eliza West (Two goals, 26 disposals, six marks, five clearances, five inside 50s)

“Westy was great. She's had two really good games in a row this week and got to impact the scoreboard which is probably a reward for her couple of weeks of effort. Even though she has come down to a new club and been playing in a new system, she’s been fantastic for us.”

Tamara Smith (19 disposals, three tackles)

“Smithy’s continuing with finding a balance between when to attack and when to defend and this week, it just felt like the ball didn't get past her. She just kept rebounding the ball out of defensive 50 and being in the right position consistently. It was really good to see what she can create off halfback to give us a good look going forward, and she'll continue to do that.”

Casey Sherriff (Two goals, 18 disposals, three marks, two clearances, two inside 50s)

“Casey’s running is amazing. Like Westy, we also got to see her kick a couple of goals which was reward for her. This week, she got to play as an inside and outside midfielder so we got to see her running capacity on the wing and then put her on the ball. She didn't look out of place there at all and I think it's going to give her some really good versatility.”

Kristy Stratton (Two goals, 18 disposals, four marks, two inside 50s)

“You know what you’re going to get with Stratts. Her work rate is really high and sets the benchmark for that high half-forward role. She gets up, she gets back and just when you think she’s tired, she just goes again. She kicked a couple of goals and probably could have had a few more but her pressure around the ball, knowing where to go and her leadership up forward was pleasing. Stratts has been great for us in that role.”

Lucy Wales (17 disposals, 15 hit-outs, five clearances, three marks, three tackles, three inside 50s)

“Lucy competed all day and similarly to last week, she got around the ground again. W she’s winning it out or not out of the ruck or not, she seems to be consistently there at that next stoppage. She's just providing multiple efforts and she's been really good the last couple of weeks across the board with her movement around the ground. I think she's tracking really nicely and getting herself ready for a good year.”

Jenna Richardson (15 disposals, five marks, four inside 50s, two tackles)

“Richo was very solid all day. She took some amazing intercept marks, drove the footy quickly into the forward line and continued to set up our defenders. Richo just continues to provide intercept run and she defends hard. She and Smithy have really owned that backline in the past couple of weeks.”

Mackenzie Eardley (11 disposals, three inside 50s)

“Mack had a really good game after coming in for her first game. What I know about Mack is that she runs really hard. Of her 11 disposals, 10 of those were kicks so she was just really happy to run, create and get the ball inside 50. She defended well and I look forward to seeing her continuing to improve.”

Aine McDonagh (One goal, 11 disposals, three tackles, two marks)

“Aine consistently attacked the ball. There's a lot of excitement around what she can potentially do, and I think we saw a lot of that on the weekend. She's consistently flying for the ball and whether she's marking or not, she's always bringing it to ground. Her running patterns are fantastic for a tall forward. I think Aine has huge upside and especially at an AFLW level, supporters should be excited by what we’ve seen from her and what she can do. She’s only going to get better from here.”

Bridie Hipwell (One goal, nine disposals)

“Bridie is still very young and learning her craft but there's still lots of exciting things to see from Bridie. As she gets more games into her, it will help her development. What we are seeing is that she's contesting the ball, getting to the right spots and starting to show a bit of leadership around that young forward group so that's good for Bridie.”

Emily Everist (10 disposals, three tackles, two inside 50s)

“Emily played well and off halfback. It's not easy to come in once the side was quite settled the week before and similarly to Mack, she's come in and provided us with some good rebound 50s and pumped the ball inside 50 for us as well. She defended at the right time and was vocal about how to set up the defence. She was good in her first hit-out and she’ll be better with more time with this back group.”

And some shout-outs for some VFLW-listed players…

Caitlin Thorne (19 disposals, six inside 50s, five tackles, two clearances)

“For the second week in a row, Caitlin played fantastically on the wing. She continuously ran hard all day and provided us with an option.”

Tamara Luke (Two goals, 17 hit-outs, 15 disposals, four tackles, three marks, three inside 50s)

“Tam was wonderful. She provided secondary support for Lucy in the ruck and kicked a couple of goals herself. She didn’t get a rotation in the last quarter and worked tirelessly all day. What she does to set the tone is excellent.”

Eleanor Butler (10 disposals, three marks)

“Eleanor Butler came in for her first game and slotted in nicely down back. It's going to be great to see her get more games with the AFLW players and she's been able to take that opportunity already which is fantastic.”

Danika Spamer (11 disposals, five tackles, three clearances)

“In her second game, Danika got some more midfield time. We recruited her as a midfielder, but she played as a small defender in Round 1. She was just happy to give the midfield a crack alongside Batesy and Westy and we could just see glimpses of what she was capable of doing.”

Box Hill will play its first home game of the season at the newly named Fenjiu Stadium (Box Hill City Oval) on Saturday afternoon, lining up against Collingwood.

Ericson said he looked forward to the challenge.

“It’s going to be good to get to the newly named Fenjiu Stadium on Saturday,” he said.

“We got to train there this week and the oval is looking in great condition.

“I think everyone’s really excited to be back at our home ground and this year, we want to make it a place that we play really well at and represent everyone that’s come through here.

“In terms of the game, it’s going to be the same sort of message as previous weeks – we just want to worry about our focuses and what we’re doing and hopefully the outcome takes care of itself.”

With no AFL or VFL football in Victoria this weekend, it’s a fantastic opportunity for Hawks fans to get down to Fenjiu Stadium and support the VFLW Hawks.

Entry is free while streaming is available on the VFL website and app for those unable to make it in person.