Defender Changkuoth Jiath is set to return to play next week after recovering from a hamstring injury he sustained in the pre-season. 

Hawthorn High Performance Manager Peter Burge said it was great to see Jiath return to full training with the main group this week, with the 24-year-old on track to resume match play in some capacity next weekend.

"He has put in a power of work over this period of time," Burge added.

"As I've spoken about previously with this type of injury, we had to put him in a holding pattern and build his conditioning at a certain percentage of speed before we could progress.

"We've taken our time, we're really confident that his strength is really good, he has done some skills sessions already with the main group, and he is progressing into full training towards the end of this week.

"Then we can determine how much match play he can do and at what level as well, that will be a discussion with match committee next week."

After injuring his hamstring in last week's Easter Monday clash, Burge explained that Mitch Lewis is now managing a seperate issue with his knee.

"Mitch has been rehabbing a very low-level hamstring injury, his hamstring is feeling pretty good at the moment," Burge explained.

"But it has also become apparent that his knee has got a little bit of joint soreness as well, which we need to respect also.

"So we're just holding his program at the moment, he won't play this week and we need to assess how he progresses later this week."

Meanwhile, Luke Breust continues to manage some groin soreness and will be unavailable for this weekend's clash against Gold Coast.

"This has been part of his management over the last couple of years, it's nothing new, it's an overload issue," Burge added.

"Given he is an older player that has played lots of footy, we've just had to pull his training back and let this settle."

In other injury news, Will Day is also moving closer to his respective return after recovering from a foot injury.

"Will is feeling unbelievable, he has been putting in a fair bit of work in the last fortnight, his last week was fantastic," Burge said.

"He is resuming some football training this week with the group with the aim of returning at Round 7."

Draftee Will McCabe is also making some strides with his rehabilitation off the back of his back injury.

"Will has had some scans recently and they've been really positive, he has been allowed to resume running this week on the Alter-G treadmill," Burge said.

"At this stage, longer-term we're looking at potentially some match play before the bye, but it's very early in this reconditioning phase."

Watch the full injury update with Burge below.


Injury List





Changkuoth Jiath



1 week

Mitch Lewis



1-2 weeks

Luke Breust



1-2 weeks

Will Day



2 weeks

Chad Wingard 



3 weeks

Nick Watson



3-5 weeks

Denver Grainger-Barras



5-6 weeks

Will McCabe 



9-11 weeks

James Blanck