Hawthorn’s AFLW team is in good hands with new senior coach Daniel Webster.

Webster officially touched down in Melbourne this week, making the long drive down from Brisbane with his wife Kate along with his pets – one dog and two cats.

Of course, Webster has been watching the Hawks and getting to work from afar, flying in and out of the state to meet the team and conduct small skills sessions, watching some players play VFLW online and chatting multiple times with his new playing group.

Now it becomes real.

After 15 years of coaching in Queensland, including winning back-to-back QAFL premierships with Aspley and an AFLW premiership with Brisbane as its midfield coach, Webster is ready to lead Hawthorn as head coach.

“It's a phenomenal opportunity and it's exciting to be down finally in Melbourne, get to meet everyone in person, get around the club and learn the inner workings,” he said.

Webster’s success up north tells us that he has an exciting game plan in store for the Hawks, as the team embarks on a new chapter in their AFLW journey.

“The untapped potential of this group is off the charts and I'm excited to start to realise that and turn that into performance on field,” he said.

“It suits the way I coach as well - I'm proactive as a coach and how I want to play the game, so you'll see an aggressive style.

“We'll take the game on where we can, we'll be aggressive in defence, really get at the opposition and try and put them under as much pressure as we possibly can, so I think it's going to be very good watching for everyone.”

The good news for Hawks fans is that the players are already adapting to this new and exciting game style in the VFLW, with a host of AFLW players contributing to Box Hill’s undefeated start to the season.

“The challenge with VFLW games is around the fact that we’ve got players coming in and new players playing together all trying to implement a system that we haven’t trained for,” Webster said.

“The thing for me that’s really stood out is how quickly the playing group has taken on a new system, new terminology and how we want to go about it.

“It gives me a lot of confidence for the future in how quickly that’s happened, and I just can’t wait to get stuck into the pre-season side of things.”

While getting into pre-season is a short-term focus, Webster’s long-term focus is even more important.

“I’d just like to get to work and create a really good environment for people to work in,” he said.

“If you do that then success will generally follow.

“I want people to enjoy themselves in and around the club but also get the best out of themselves.

“Hopefully people can just look back and think of me as someone who has helped them be the best versions of themselves.”

Hawthorn’s AFLW pre-season begins on Monday 3 June with the season set to commence in the final week of August.

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Watch Webster's full interview below.