Box Hill went four from four with a 10-point win over Williamstown at Fenjiu Stadium (Box Hill City Oval) on Saturday afternoon to remain on top of the VFLW ladder.

The Seagulls put up a fight in the tight contest but Hawks Senior Coach Michael Ericson was pleased with his team’s response to the challenge.

“It was a tough match and Williamstown really brought the pressure so it was pleasing to walk away with the win,” Ericson said.

Ericson also reviewed all eight AFLW-listed players and gave a few shout-outs to some VFLW-listed talents.

Mikayla Williamson (18 disposals, three tackles, three inside 50s) 

“Mikayla was really good. She got a little bit more run this week and started to showcase her talents on the wing. She was getting from goal line to goal line and providing us lots of options.”

Tahlia Fellows (16 disposals, five tackles, three marks) 

“She was probably close to our best player on the ground before her injury. She impacted all over the ground and was applying lots of pressure up forward. She had a key tackle late in the game and just really set the tone for the forward group.”

Ainslie Kemp (13 disposals, four tackles, three marks, two inside 50s) 

“Kempy has that ability to read the play. She took some critical marks for us late in the game and was able to drive that ball out of defence and inside 50. She's been solid in the couple of times we've seen her thus far this season.”

Charlotte Baskaran (12 disposals, four tackles, two clearances)

“She probably copped a little bit more attention this week after a good game last week but again, she's doing all the right things. She was playing that inside midfield role in a tough game against physical opposition but she just showed her class and was able to drive out of stoppage for us. She also had a couple of really pivotal moments late that helped us win the game.”

Emily Everist (10 disposals, five marks, five tackles, three inside 50s) 

“Emily can provide that intercept role and knows when to come forward and attack but also when to stay back and defend. She's been good with being able to provide us rebound 50s and give us a lot of penetrating kicks out of defence. She did well under pressure.”

Hayley McLaughlin (One goal, 10 disposals, four marks, three tackles) 

“She’s sort of owning that crumbing forward role. She got high up the ground and then was able to turn around and get back to the feet of some of our taller options. It was pleasing to see the forward pressure and some of the running patterns that she had. Her hard work was repaid by getting on the scoreboard which is good for her.”

Laura Stone (Nine disposals, two marks, two tackles) 

“Laura’s learning from behind the footy. She was predominantly a midfielder as a junior and it's great to see her learning and how to set up the play. I think spending a little bit of time back there is going to help her. We know she's dangerous with her run and creativity but being able to defend and then learn when to come off her player and be able to impact the game was pleasing. I think she's only going to build more confidence learning that back role.”

Bridie Hipwell (One goal, eight disposals, three marks, three tackles) 

“Bridie was a great tall target on the weekend. She just kept competing aerially and got on the scoreboard. She’s really starting to learn her forward craft and it's exciting to see what she's currently doing.”

….and some shout-outs for some VFLW-listed players

Rosie Dillon (One goal, 18 disposals, nine tackles, seven clearances) 

“Rosie started forward and then we threw her on-ball for the second half. She got to work and she's just such a clever footballer, thanks to her previous AFLW experience. She was fantastic for us.”

Tamara Luke (One goal, 25 hit-outs, 14 disposals, seven marks) 

“It was a physical game because that’s the style they like to play and Tam, being our leader, was front and centre of everything physically. She got on the scoreboard and impacted when needed. She showed great leadership all day so credit to Tam.” 

Eleanor Butler (12 disposals, four marks, two clearances) 

“Eleanor Butler returned this week and was really solid down back.”

Caitlin Thorne (20 disposals, eight marks, six tackles, five clearances) 

“Thorney was good with her run and carry and getting the ball out of stoppage after stoppage.”

Danika Spamer (13 disposals, 12 tackles, four clearances) 

“Danika just tackled and tackled and put pressure on the opposition. She allowed players like Thorney to get the ball outside and get it inside 50.”

The Hawks will now prepare for their first double-header of the season when they take on North Melbourne at Fenjiu Stadium on Saturday morning. 

Ericson highlighted the importance of the team having a similar focus going into the game.

“We’ve got another home match next week and a double-header, which is really exciting,” he said.

“Hopefully we’ll get a nice crowd like we did today.

“We’re going to continue to work on the things we’re trying to do as a program.”