Hawthorn Coach Sam Mitchell has provided an insight into star Hawk Jack Gunston and draftee Calsher Dear's relationship ahead of Dear's fairytale AFL debut on Sunday.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Mitchell highlighted the importance of Gunston's guidance over Dear, the son of the late Paul Dear who forged out a 10-year career with the club during the 80s and 90s.

Mitchell said the duo have shared a strong bond since Dear arrived to the club late last year, with Gunston playing a pivotal role and Dear's rapid improvement. 

"I think Jack Gunston has got to take a lot of credit for that because he has really worked closely with him," Mitchell said.

"I spoke to Jack a couple of nights ago and he was rapt that he was the one who got to talk to Calsher about him playing his first game. It was a beautiful moment.

"I've been really consistent on my narrative around Jack - from the very first time I spoke with him when we were discussing whether or not to do the trade, it was around if Jack has a really good sense of himself, but doesn't influence others, that wouldn't be success.

"If he didn't play a game for us, but was able to mentor and help the next group come through, then we would see that as a success.

"Jack knows that a huge portion of what he is doing is a development of others."


Mitchell said Dear has come along way with his development since when he arrived to the club last November. 

"He has been around the club for a while being a father-son selection, we had a bit to do with his father Paul before he passed away," Mitchell said. 

"I think his journey himself is just as good. He came from a long way back, he has really grown enormously physically and with his confidence around the group. He has taken some fantastic marks at VFL level.

"His follow up work is great too - he really wants to tackle, he always lands on his feet and getting after the opposition. He is quite mobile in that way once the ball hits the ground.

"I'm excited by what he can do on Sunday."

Listen to Mitchell's full press conference below.