Talented Hawthorn duo Jasmine Fleming and Laura Elliott have detailed why they decided to re-sign with the Hawks until the end of 2027.

The factors include building on what they’ve learnt about themselves, the ability to keep learning off influential teammates and starting an exciting new era in brown and gold under coach Daniel Webster. 

Read what they had to say about signing with the Hawks for the next four seasons below. 

On why they decided to re-sign:

Laura Elliott: “It’s just the group of players that we have. I think we got lucky with the group that we got. Starting as a first-year team, I think we all have to drive to have success. It’s just really exciting times.”

Jasmine Fleming: “I think the potential that this group has is really exciting. Obviously getting drafted alongside you and a couple of others made it really easy to transition into AFLW life so I’m really excited. The club’s been so supportive of me and the family so I think it’s great to sign on for longer because it’s a club that means a lot to me.”

On what they’ve learnt about themselves so far:

Laura Elliott: “I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a player and what my strengths are and how I can develop those things, but also as a person. I was quite a shy person at the start, maybe not to you guys now, but I think opening up as a person and becoming more confident is the main thing I learned about myself.”

Jasmine Fleming: “The professionalism and what it takes to be the best. I think professionalism has been one thing that I’ve tried to add to my game and on top of that, training ethic. I think that's putting in as much as you put onto the field in the gym and recovery.”

On players who have taken them under their wing:

Laura Elliott: “I think it’s difficult to pinpoint just one person. Mainly from the backline, I’d say there are a few. Definitely in the first season, Duff (Jess Duffin). She drove me everywhere, having been 17. I also like to look at Richo’s (Jenna Richardson) game a lot. It’s very similar to my game and how I want to play, so I like to get advice from her. Having Lou (Louise Stephenson) and Kempy (Ainslie Kemp) in the backline has been really good too. They’re always willing to give you advice and talk to you about things you want to improve on. Those people are all the main ones but everyone in the backline helps everyone at any chance they get so it’s a really good group.”

Jasmine Fleming: “I had Perko (Sarah Perkins) who drove me around so I think the relationship and bond I built with her over the first season was really important and probably helped me get into AFLW life a little bit easier. Obviously Til (Tilly Lucas-Rodd) in the midfield has had a huge impact on me on and off the field. Then Batesy (Emily Bates) came in last season and as a leader, I think she inspires everyone in the team. She’s won the AFLW award for a reason and she knows what it takes to be the best. Thankfully, she’s taken me under her wing and helped me out so I’m really grateful for that.”

On Webster’s impact on the group so far: 

Jasmine Fleming: “I think everyone can say that he’s had an instant impact on the team and the club. Individually, he just gives so much attention to everyone. I think from what I’ve seen, he’s been super professional and his communication is great. Obviously coming down from Brisbane, he took a while to come down so we needed to have that communication and he’s just been great. Ever since he’s been in the role, he’s been super impressive so I can’t wait to play under him.”

Laura Elliott: “I totally agree. Obviously, he took a while to come down but with that communication, it felt like he was here. He just seems really passionate and he gives a lot of energy to everyone which is really good. He just seems like he loves footy and he’s so keen for us to have success as each individual but as a team as well more importantly so I’m really excited for the season ahead.” 

Watch Fleming and Elliott’s full chat below.