Hawthorn Coach Sam Mitchell has spoken to the media ahead of his side's clash with St Kilda on Saturday at UTAS Stadium.

We've summarised some of his key points below.

On Connor Macdonald's 50th game:

"The boys always have a bit of a laugh about the 50th milestone, they think it's a bit of a 'golf clap'. But I think for his time in the game, I think it is pretty quick to get to 50 from the draft that he had, I'm really pleased for him. He has probably been a little bit up and down with his form, but last week was a step forward for him (kicking career-high three goals). We know he is going to leave it all out there as far as work rate goes, I'm pleased he is now at his 50th."

On the Western Bulldogs win:

"We're conscious not to ride the ups and downs too heavy in this game. If you're still thinking about it come Thursday - whether a win or a loss - you're still setting yourself up the wrong way. Bit of reward for effort was pleasing, and to show that we are making some progress. Our players have been consistent with their work ethic, making sure we're training the right way and going about it in a consistent manner being able to put consistent performances on the weekend, game to game but quarter to quarter. Each ten minute block has been a challenge for us. Coming off a win creates a different challenge during the week for us."

On James Sicily's injury:

"We're not going to take the risk (this week), a player of that calibre, we've got to be careful how you manage it. My limited medical knowledge of it is - the longer we wait to bring him back, the more stable his shoulder would be. The risk of it coming out again this week would be too high, the medical guys think it's not a risk worth taking. Hopefully he will be okay for next week."

Watch the full press conference below.