A timeline has been set for Mitch Lewis' return, with the Hawks forward tracking towards a return to play in one to two weeks.

According to Hawthorn High Performance Manager Peter Burge, the 25-year-old is progressing steadily in his recovery from a knee injury.

See a full summary of the Round 13 Nissan Injury Update below:

Mitch Lewis (knee) - 1-2 weeks

"Mitch Lewis is going really well. Today, he started some football training with the group. He'll do some more training this week and if we get that nice progression into next week, we'll look at some game time next week."

Lloyd Meek (ankle) - Test 

"He's progressing slowly. He's had a couple of runs on the AlterG treadmill but we haven't progressed to running outside. We're going to assess that later in the week. We'd need to see a significant improvement by the end of the week for him to be available but we'll have more information later in the week."

Ethan Phillips (knee) - TBC 

"He's had a knee issue flare up again which we were dealing with earlier in the season. It appeared last week during our training sessions so right now, he's not playing this weekend. We are just getting a little bit more information and advice externally and we'll make a decision on our course of action. It won't be a long-term situation, more a short-term situation."

Jai Serong (concussion) - Test 

"He's going really well. He's just got to go through the final stages of the concussion protocols towards the end of this week and get the tick from the doc and if he does that, he'll be available this week."

Will McCabe (back) - 1-2 weeks 

"His back injury is absolutely fine and he's now just progressing into training. He did the whole session today and he'll train again on Thursday. We're looking at a return to some match play next week, albeit on limited minutes, but we're really excited to get to next week and see him back out there."

Clay Tucker (concussion) - 1 week 

"At training last Thursday, he had a very unlucky incident. He got a knock to the head and we had to go through the protocols, so the doc made the decision that he wasn't available last weekend. With the 12-day concussion protocols, it actually means he can't play this weekend either, so he'll miss two games but we're aiming to return next week."

Jack O'Sullivan (hamstring) - 1-2 weeks 

"(His injury is) more in a holding pattern at the moment. There's just some things that we're not able to progress to. His strength is good, he's been able to do some good conditioning but there's still some awareness that he's reporting, so we're in a holding pattern. He's not going to be available this week and I dare say next week isn't looking like it will happen either. We do need to make sure we get these right. Hamstring injuries can be very tricky, there's all sorts of different types of hamstring injuries but with our medical team here who are very good in this space, we'll make a really smart and informed decision on when he will return to play."

Watch the full Round 13 Nissan Injury Update below.


Hawthorn Round 13 injury list



Availability / Timeframe

Lloyd Meek



Jai Serong



Clay Tucker


1 week

Jack O’ Sullivan


1-2 weeks

Will McCabe


1-2 weeks

Mitch Lewis


1-2 weeks

Ethan Phillips



Cooper Stephens


3-4 weeks

James Blanck



Sam Butler