Talented young forward Bridie Hipwell put pen to paper this week on a contract extension that sees her remain in brown and gold until at least 2027.

Fresh from inking the new deal, the 19-year-old has shared some insight into her decision to commit for the long term.

Hipwell said the main driver behind her recommitment to the club was her incredible bond with her teammates and coaches, contributing to the elite environment within Hawthorn’s four walls.

"We’ve got such hard-working, talented, driven players and on top of that they’re all just amazing people," Hipwell said.

"I then think across the club and the coaches, it’s quite the same, they’re all just amazing people.

"At the club, we’re creating an environment that is going to be successful and where success is going to happen and I want to be part of that, I’m really excited."

Hipwell was asked about her growth since becoming a Hawk as a 17-year-old back in 2022. 

"It’s not that long ago, but it feels so long ago. I was in year 12 and got drafted, it was pretty crazy and amazing," she said.

"My development since then has been crazy, I’ve come a long way as a player and a person."

"I’m really grateful to have been drafted then, but I think the opportunity I have now, the last couple years to be here full time and really grabbing this with two hands, it’s been amazing."

Hipwell also spoke about what she’s focused on from an individual perspective.

"For me, being really hard to play against and working on those leading patterns and movement patterns down the ground, and just working really hard to get back and creating really good connection with the other forwards and the mids," she said.

With a host of exciting off-season additions and recent re-signings at Hawthorn, Hipwell couldn't be happier to be in the brown and gold for the long haul.

“Well firstly, Jas (Fleming) and Billy (Laura Elliott) like that’s amazing. I started my footy career with Jas so it’s pretty amazing to know we’ve got these next few years together," she said.

“Same with Billy, we played together before Hawks and stuff through Vic Metro and things like that.

“And 'DWeb' (Daniel Webster)  coming in - he’s amazing. He’s got so much knowledge and willingness to want you to get better with the feedback he gives you.

“I think with him and the new draftees, like I said before the great people and they’re so driven, I think we’re going in the right direction and I’m really excited.”

See the full interview with Hipwell below.