Hawthorn defender Karl Amon says implementing a more predictable brand of football has been a catalyst in the Hawks stunning mid-season turnaround.

In his second year at the club, Amon has played all 14 games for the brown in gold in 2024, averaging 23 disposals and 557.6 metres gained per game, going at 82.4% disposal efficiency.

Speaking to ABC Sport Sunday, Amon discussed the group’s mentality as they approach the bye with an even record of seven wins and seven losses after starting the season 0-5.

Amon said the difference has been a more simplistic game style and even contributions across the board.

“I think from the first sort of half, what the coaches have done is simplify our game plan really well and it’s just been all about pressure and being predictable to each other. As a young group I think if we keep it relatively easy it’s a lot easier to follow,” Amon said.

“The boys have bought into that really well, I think we’re really predictable to each other now, we’re playing a good brand of football, which is exciting.

“It’s just basic football really, it might not look like that on the outside but we know what we’re going to do and it’s just being predictable to each other.”

Amon also spoke to the side's progression in no longer relying on individual brilliance, to instead now seeing a larger spread of teammates performing their roles to get the result.

“We don’t expect the Sicily’s, Newcombe’s and Day’s to come out and have 30 each week.

“I think we rely on a good brand of football and if we all play our role and get our job done, then that’s going to go a long way of getting the result at the end of the day.

“I don’t think we rely on one or two players, but we rely on everyone playing their role and getting it done and that’s what we base our brand of footy on.”

Amon said he’ll be laying low for the club’s five-day break and getting a good mental refresh.  

“After the game yesterday (Saturday) the coaches did a really good thing, and we sort of just got in our line groups and had a quick debrief of the game and where we’re at.

“So, I think now we can lead into five days off and get a real mental refresh,” he said.

“Obviously it’s a long year, some teams have already had two byes, and this is our first. So we’ve had a fair chunk of footy played so it’s going to be really good to have five days off, switch off from footy, do whatever you want.

“A few boys will go away, there’s a big group heading down to Tassie to play golf at Barnbougle.

“We’ll really enjoy this time off but as you said we’re a young group, we’re hungry.

“Each year you strive to play finals, that’s where you want to be playing, you want to be playing footy in September.

“We’re no different, we’re not going to shy away from it, but we know that we need to keep playing predictable and consistent football to get the results.

“We need to put ourselves in the best position we can to make that, it’s going to be a tough run home but the group’s certainly up for it."